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My Story  

After I had George ( My 1st kiddo ) I knew I didn’t want to go get a traditional , out of the house, job. I would look at his face & breakdown at the idea of leaving him in childcare fulltime. And I knew I could no longer do my current business with a small child. It was time to move on.

I knew in order to stay home with him I would have to – some how – SAVE As much as I was making. I dove in deep and we managed to SAVE As much as I was making the year before! 

     I’d always been frugal & could stretch a dollar further than anyone I’ve ever met. . And – WOW – did I have a knack at getting free stuff & finding great deals. I started by writing on another blog & decided to start my own when Colden was around 1

     Part of me had imposture syndrome having a blog about bring frugal , but having debt! February 2019 , my husband & I took the plunge + decided to pay off $30,000 in debt + save for our emergency Fund . We did it in 1 year !  It was more emotionally hard that I ever thought it could be!

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