How to Work from Home and Make Money with NO Experience at ALL!

In this video I am going to show you how to How to Work from Home and Make Money with NO Experience at ALL . None. Zip. Zero experience. I promise you – You all can do it. Here are 6 that are just the tip of the iceberg!

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Details for everything Mentioned in the video:

#1. Make Webpages . I know what you are thinking… ” What? I don’t know how to do that! ” Or ” But I don’t what a good webpage would even look like. ” Or ” I am not artistic ! ” None of that matters. Here are the steps to making a beautiful looking webpage with NO Experience and here is how to find the clients that will pay you ( $500 – $5,000 ) for one! TRUST Me! It’s super easy and once you do one you won’t believe how easy the money is.

  • Step #1 – Check out the wordpress addon called : . This is a webpage builder from WordPress. It’s basically a click and drag webpage builder. Amazing, right? They even have templates you can follow.
  • Step #2 – Also, check out for more templets and webpage designs.
  • The hardest part to figure out is going to be setting your clients up with a webpage host and getting wordpress started on the host. However, there are youtube videos on that. AND amazing host companies like will help you in the process.
  • To find clients put ads on Facebook and Craigslist. Also, contact your small business association to see if anyone of their clients needs a webpage build for them.

#2. Amazon FBA – or Amazon Retail Arbitrage. If you love shopping clearance sales or close out sales this online – work from home job – might be for you! Just buy clearance items or close out items then re-sell them on Amazon with Amazon’s FBA program. Basically Amazon takes care of the shipping, and customer service. You just send the items into amazon & get paid for what sells! There are 1000’s of youtube videos about it on Youtube. I, actually, did it for a while and made GREAT money at it. I highly recommend it!

#3. Become a VA { Virtual Assistant } for other online business. TONS and TONS of small businesses need VA’s to help with everything from checking emails to checking for spam on their social media platforms. The pay can be great too! It’s a super flexible job and perfect for just about everyone. To find VA jobs just search for ” VA’s ” on Facebook and join some VA Groups. Also, join some ” boss Mom’s ” groups on Facebook. , The opportunities are endless!

#4. Transcription work! What this is is putting someone’s spoken word into a texted. That’s it! If you can translate into other languages , great but it’s Not needed. Here are some places to find these jobs:

#5. Teaching Kids / People English. If you speak English then this is for you! Your job is to teach people all over the world ( and even in America ) how English. Many times no degree or teaching experience is needed! Here are some great places to do this:

#6. On ” oldie ” but a ” Goodie ” – Buy and SELL things online on Ebay, etsy craigslist, and ( my favorite ) Facebook marketplace. You will find that each place online different things sell better. HOWEVER, what you will also find is that you can sell anything!

  • Find stuff at Garage Sales, thrift stores, in your own home!
  • I have found that ” Nostalgic ” items sell great. If you pick it up and think, ” I remember this as a kid! ”
  • Paintings and art. People unknowingly sell and donate VERY Valuable art all the time. Use google Lens to search the artist of the painting.
  • Type writer of all kinds.
  • Electronics that they don’t make anymore.
  • There are so many items that sell great. It’s just a matter are finding those little niches of things!

Which idea for work from home jobs did you like the best? What one are you going to try? Trust me when I say just a little bit of elbow grease and anyone can make money from home with no experience at all!

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