SHOPPING SECRETS The Grocery Stores DON’T Want You To Know!

These days, it seems like rising grocery bills are on everybody’s mind. Putting food on the table has been a big challenge with food costs on the rise. But did you ever realize grocery stores have subtle tricks to get you to SPEND EVEN MORE without realizing it? YUP! Read on for all the tricks to be aware of and AVOID so you can keep those grocery costs as low as possible!

  • Deceptive Marketing – This is EVERYWHERE! Watch for the latest buzz words like “all natural”, “healthy” or “cage free eggs”. Cage free eggs are priced up to 3 times more! In some cases, cage free only means they have given the chickens a slightly bigger cage than the industry standard to roam in. 
  • Bigger carts – Grocery carts are now 25% bigger than they were 10 years ago!! Why? It’s simple – the bigger your cart, you’ll be more inclined to fill it and spend more money. If you’re going in for just a few things, grab a basket. By accident last week forgot to grab a quarter for ALDI for a cart (the HORROR) and was confined to just carrying a box to toss my groceries in. It was a quick trip, I ONLY grabbed what was on my list and didn’t dawdle looking at snacks or that seasonal aisle!
  • Shop as Little as Possible – I go once every 2 weeks and stick to a specific list and have a meal plan in mind. (Grab my Grocery Savings Kit for your Pantry and Meal Planning Checklist!)
  • Grocery Pick Up – I do a lot of my shopping for grocery pick up, that totally ELIMINATES impulse buying because you’re not wandering up and down the aisles.
  • Most Expensive Items Are At Eye Level – when you scan the store shelves, notice you zero in on what’s on the middle to higher shelves – right at your eye level. The more expensive brands are placed at eye level strategically. 
  • Moving Items To Different Spots – Surely I cannot be the only one that gets cranky when the store seemingly is totally rearranged overnight! It’s on purpose. They move staples around the store to get you to look AROUND. The more you see, the more you’ll buy. Be aware. Online shopping will let you avoid this! 
  • 10 for $10 “sale”– YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY ALL 10 to get the sale price. They are priced individually. Some states also have a local law that you only have to buy ONE in a BOGO sale and each item rings up at half price. Currently the southern states EXCEPT for Florida follow this.
  • Bakery & Floral Sections are Strategically Placed – The Bakery and the Floral Sections are close to the front of the store on purpose. This is to appeal to your senses, make you hungry and ready to shop and perhaps buy more than you anticipated.
  • Sale price Ends In 7 Or 9 – this is a psychological trick. You feel you’re saving more money when a sale price ends with these digits for whatever reason.
  • Sales Create a Sense of Urgency – Some price cuts last MONTHS at a time. By using verbiage “hot sale” or “limited time” you may feel pressure to buy more NOW. As always, take into account the price and really how much you need and will use, and the whether you have the space to store it and the money to spend on it.
  • Essentials In the Back of the store – Part of this placement is functional. Freight trucks park in the back of the store and it’s important for food safety to get milk, eggs and meat into the grocery refrigerated cases ASAP. By having those essentials in the back of the store, you also need to go all the way back there… do you see how you’ll pass by more and potentially pick up more impulse items?
  • Veggies Getting Watered – The misting isn’t to keep them fresher longer, it actually can harbor bacteria! YUCK! The watering is to make the produce look shiny and appealing.
  • Samples – You tend to buy more when free samples are offered as it stimulates the appetite. Of course it’s okay to sample and enjoy it but be aware of this if you find yourself tossing unplanned for items into your cart. 😉
  • Kid items at Kid Eye Level – This one is TRICKY! Another good reason to use online grocery pick up often, or make a deal ahead of time to let your kids pick just 1-2 treats a trip.
  • NO CLOCKS – Ever notice you’ll rarely see a clock in a grocery store? This is a strategy to make you lose track of time. The more you browse, the more you’ll buy.
  • Bad Cell Service – Not sure if it’s just me, but I chronically get bad cell service in a grocery store, making it harder to comparison shop by checking out the prices of your most wanted items at competitor stores.
  • Slow Music – While grocery store music rarely makes it to your playlist, the tunes selected are intentional. Slower music slows your pace and keep you in the store longer. The longer you shop, the more you’ll buy.

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