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Money Journal Prompts… what the heck are they and how they can help YOU! Even better how can they help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE?

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Money Journal Prompts are questions about money. Read them and then answer them HONESTLY. After all, the ONLY Person to read them is you and you are only Short changing YOURSELF by lying. Furthermore, its important to write down your answers and not just answer them in your head. This is because the action of writing them down helps your brain sort out your thoughts. Trust me on this one – it’s been scientifically proven so many times.

Next, how will thing PROFOUNDLY affect your finances ( profoundly in a positive way! ) ? Many of us ( dare to say ALL of Us ) have negative thoughts about money, and success. May of these thoughts are unconscious, you don’t even realize you are doing it!

Here is a quick example of what I mean… Did your parents tell you growing up the money is dirty? ” Don’t touch that! It’s dirty ! ” If you still hold that belief in your mind than you may also be avoiding it, unknowingly, in the same way you might avoid dog poop. After all, dog poop is dirty and we all try to stay away from it as much as possible.

Here’s another one… I have heard other women say that when they see women CEO who have children they would think, ” Gee… Wonder how much time she actually spends with her kids? ” therefor, they equated success with lack of time with their kids. Why would they truly want to be successful if these were their thoughts? Success = Bad mom? CLEARLY NOT TRUE! BUT, being honest with yourself can help you unpack these thoughts you didn’t even know you were having.

Simply put your
Thoughts affect your Actions.
YOUR Actions Affects the outcome.

Do one Journal Prompt once a week! Think hard about each answer. Be honest. After all, you are the ONLY one who will see it.

{ GRAB Your 4 Week Journal Prompts HERE }

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