25 Habits of Frugal People in 2024!

I truly believe anyone can change their habits to save a ton of money with not a lot of extra effort. When I had my first kiddo, I left my job to stay at home with him full time. This cut our household income nearly in half! 😲Unfortunately, we had $35,000 in debt to pay off. I knew if we didn’t make some changes, we were not going to make it. I paid off this debt AND start an emergency fund in just 8 months using all the tips, tricks and habits I’m about to teach you. Even now being debt free, I still use all these tactics as it’s become a habit and a lifestyle. I can’t wait to see how this changes your money and changes your life! Let’s get started!

  • Have fun with Frugal Adventures – saving money and being more frugal absolutely does not mean not having fun. Make memories with your kids, and that doesn’t mean accumulating stuff and spending extra money on it. One thing we love doing is exploring new parks and playgrounds. Use Google Maps to find new playgrounds in your area. I use free hiking apps to find new hiking trails in my area.
  • You are the Average of the 5 People You Hang Out with Most – interesting thought, isn’t it? It will be so much easier to stick with your goals if you surround yourself with positive people that have your same frugal mindset. Find your Frugal Tribe.
  • Reuse as Much as Possible – Here’s where it almost is like a game! There is so much stuff around the house you can reuse and repurpose. A few examples of things you can reuse are sponges, baggies, wool dryer balls, even spaghetti jars are good for storage or drinking glasses. Once you start thinking, I think you’ll be surprised at how many things you can save and reuse. It’ll seriously save you hundreds of dollars a year! {BIG LIST OF MY FAVORITE REUSABLE PRODUCTS HERE}
  • The Cornerstone of Frugal Living: A Budget – Ok, before your eyes glaze over, a budget is simply a plan for your money and assigning a purpose to all your income. It’s not restriction, it’s just taking control of your money and letting it work the most efficiently and to benefit you. First things first, get a calendar. (you can print free ones online OR grab your super cute and FREE budget calendars from me RIGHT HERE). Write out when each bill is due. You can color code your bills: I put essentials like Mortgage and my kids sports dues in red and fun extra stuff in green. Check out my FREE companion Excel Spreadsheet {HERE} This sheet is completely customizable to how many times you get paid a month, so all you do is plug in your pay, the amounts and dates due of your Non-Negotiable bills, your flexible expenses and more!
  • Watch for Little Expenses – They Add Up! – the saying goes, a little leak can sink a great ship. We’re all guilty of signing up for free trials of services and forgetting about them, or having recurring subscriptions we maybe don’t use (Netflix, Hulu, online streaming workouts, etc). One of my favorite tools you can use to save yourself HUNDREDS of dollars a year is called True Bill. It’ll comb through your accounts, show you what you have out there for recurring subscriptions and services and help you cancel them quickly and easily.
  • Call Your Insurance Company – This will take a few moments of your time, but can really pay off. Call up your homeowners, renters and/or car insurance and ask for a better rate. Sometimes you can drop extra riders you may not need anymore or decrease coverage. If they can’t help, you can call other companies and get a quote. Often they will be happy to give a better rate to new clients.
  • Cut that Cable Bill – So many of us pay AT LEAST $100 for cable, maybe more depending on what kind of package you have. Save yourself a ton of cash and cut the cable. You can stream tons of movies and TV shows FREE. Check out my big list {HERE}
  • Go With a Discounted Phone Carrier – I personally use Page Plus. Consumer Cellular is another carrier that should be available everywhere. This discounted carriers have a flat rate that’s lower than all the big national carriers, BUT they use Verizon and AT&T towers, so you’ll have coverage anywhere! You will save yourself those pesky contract fees too!
  • Use Cashback apps! – There’s a million of them, so have a few favorites in your toolbox and use whichever has the biggest % back for the purchase you’re about to make. Topcashback and Rakuten are two of the best known and offer competitive cash back rates. Check out this HUGE round up of all the best cash back apps {HERE}
  • Stop Buying Cleaning Products – It’s so simple and quick to make your own with common household items you already have, like vinegar and baking soda.
  • Don’t Forget to Spend Money on You! – Frugal living isn’t supposed to be a fad that you do for a time and then stop. If you don’t spend on yourself now and then on the things and experiences that you truly love, you will get burned out. Set aside a little money every month or paycheck that is your fun money to buy yourself something nice that you will enjoy. It’s important to reward ourselves for our hard work!
  • Make your Kids financially responsible for their wants – This will only set them up to be financially independent and responsible too. Kids can definitely learn the value of a dollar whether it’s to learn how to look for the best prices, buying things used and saving the difference or helping around the house to earn money for the things they want.
  • Change your Money Mindset – What’s a money mindset? Mindset is simply your unique beliefs and attitude towards money. See this fun quiz {HERE} and some other worksheets to get an idea of what your thoughts are now.
  • Why? – What’s your why? You’ll need to spend some time thinking on this and determine why you want to save money and stick to your budget. Your why has to be big enough to keep you going even when it gets tough and you don’t want to.
  • Make More Money – There are tons of ways to make a little extra cash. Sell off items you no longer need or use or even picking up a part time job. I have a list of side hustles you can start right away to earn extra money {CHECK THAT OUT HERE}
  • Ask Yourself: “Do I want to give this item my money, time and attention?” – This question can save you from impulse buying. With accumulating stuff there is not only the money spent but the upkeep, cleaning and storing of that item. Fill your home with only those items you need and that you do not mind giving your attention and time to.
  • Discounted Gift Cards! – a lot of us only think about gift cards to you know, give as gifts, but they can be a super smart way to save money on things YOU buy. If you’re planning a $100+ purchase, check out Raise for discounted gift cards. It’s just what it sounds like: you can buy gift card codes (or the physical cards) for a percentage off the face value. For example, it’s not too uncommon to find a $100 gift card for $85! It’s real, it’s legit, I’ve used it for lots of big purchases. {SIGN UP HERE FOR A $5 CREDIT}
  • Cooling Off Period – Wait 24-48 hours on any big purchase. You may be able to either get a better deal OR use that time to figure out maybe you don’t need it or there’s something you already have that can work in its place.
  • Pay Off Debt ASAP – It’ll change everything! Paying off our debts changed our lives in so many ways for the better. I’m not kidding, you will save THOUSANDS on interest alone. {GO HERE FOR SOME TIPS TO PAY OFF DEBT SOONER!}
  • Simplify Your Meals – One easy way to slash your grocery bill is use as few ingredients per meal as possible. A protein, veggie and a carb usually does the trick for dinner!
  • Shop Discount Grocery Stores – ALDI will be your new BFF! {GO HERE FOR YOUR GUIDE TO SAVING A TON AT ALDI} In most cases though, those name brand items that ALDI sells is actually MORE than the big box stores. That leads us to the next tip….
  • Know the Price of Items – If you’re familiar with couponing, you have a running idea in your head of how much items you use often are at full price. That way you can tell at a glance if a sale price is really a deal or not, or if it’s cheaper somewhere else.
  • Go Into a Store Physically as Little as Possible – The more time you go into a store, the more you’ll spend, especially on last minute or impulse buys.
  • Use Cash to Pay – Forking over a wad of bills triggers that “pain” we don’t feel if we use a credit or debit card.
  • Remove your Card numbers from your online accounts – This is so easy but it’s GENIOUS! Online retailers want to make it EASY for you to spend, so they offer to store your card info for fast checkout. However, it’s easier to impulse buy. Take your card #’s out, that way you have to think a bit if you really need that cartload you have made.

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