SECRETS to how I Save $1,000’s On Makeup & Beauty Products!

When I had my 1st baby 6 years ago ( Almost 7 years ago ) I looked at him and thought… I just can’t go back to a 9 to 5 job. I need to be with him. However, I knew to make this happen I was going to have to find ways to SAVE as much as I was making. This started me on the path to finding SO many Tricks and Tips to saving every penny possible. Through out the years I have learned so many hacks about saving on beauty and makeup I probably could write a book on it! Here I am going to tell you ALL the secret tips and tricks I have learned throughout the years.

#1. The beauty industry is a Billion dollar industry! But a lot of the serums give you little to know benefits AND , to be honest, you don’t know what’s in them. Many of them you can get the SAME benefits of with items that are right in your pantry! Here are my favorite , can’t live with out, beauty hacks that you can get right from your pantry.

  • Corn Starch ! Yup! I Corn starch I use almost daily. You can use it as a dry shampoo. I have bought so many dry shampoos over the years and you know what? I love my plan old’ Corn starch the best! PLUS, I know there are no added chemicals to it.
    • NEXT – you can use corn starch as a makeup setter. Dab some lightly on your makeup brush and do a light coating all over your face. Again, you only need a little or it’ll cover your makeup completely.
  • Distilled White Vinegar – Use this as a weekly or bi-weekly hair rinse. Simply put it in your hair, then rinse it out. It will leave your hair shinnery than you’ve EVER seen it!
  • Coffee Grounds! – I know, i know… it’s strange. HOWEVER, if you LOVE a good exfoliator then you have to hear about this one! Mix Coffee grounds in just a little bit of water to get the caffeine out of it a little. Mix the grounds ( or just the water ) with Coconut oil and baking soda. The caffeine the coffee grounds does amazing things for your skin, the baking soda exfoliates all the dead skin off AND the Coconut oil moisturizes.
  • Coconut oil ! – I use this daily. It’s a perfect Makeup remover and an amazing moisturizer. You can also use it as deep conditioner. So what you do is put it in your hair over night. Then wash it out in the morning. Your hair has never been so soft.

#2. Free Samples Galore! As I said above the beauty and make up industry is a BILLION dollar industry. And because of that they WANT you to try there products and LOVE them. Therefor, the beauty industry is always giving away free samples. The ” trick ” is to know where to get these freebies. That’s where I come in! On my blog if you [ GO HERE ] you will see I post 6 to 8 new freebies daily. Multiple times a week I post a free beauty sample! This includes, makeup, Potions, and serums.

#3. FREE or SUPER Cheap Makeup! I have a Big Ol’ TOTE filled with free or super cheap makeup. I’ve gotten it all by shopping clearance sales. I’m talking 90% off! A few times a year major retailors ( Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target ) does a mass clearance of makeup. This is because the manufacturers either change the design of there packaging or the makeup is reaching the end of it’s shelf life. While I don’t do much couponing anymore, I DO coupon for makeup. When I see these MEGA sales I combine them with my coupons. That’s when I STOCK UP! Most of my current makeup stash I paid pennies for.

#4. Use the last Drop! As silly as it sounds I use ever single ounce of everything. That might mean you have to cut open a lotion and use the last but that’s against the walls of the lotion. Or even add water to other products to stretch out the life of it. I’ve done with foundation and mascara plenty of times.

#5. Always Sign up for rewards! Ulta, and Sephora have amazing rewards ! If you are going to buy at those stores you are crazy to not sign up for there rewards programs. There are so many perks.

#6. Last but not least ….. Buy makeup and beauty items with FREE gift cards! [ GO HERE ] to see my 101 ways to get free gift card list. It’s the largest of it’s kind online. If you buy stuff on sale, sign up for cash back offers then PAY with Free ( or even discounted ) gift cards you are going to be AMAZED at how you save!

If you use ALL of the tips and tricks I talk about here I promise you you will save $1,000’s on beauty and makeup items! Let me know which ones you’ve tried or are going to try!

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