Who has THE MOST WANTED Black Friday Items For the LOWEST Price?!?

I am sure if you are anything like me then when you go to search for items you are looking for on Black Friday you are finding it over-whelming and confusing to find what you are looking for at the lowest price. Sooo… I mad a list! This is the lowest prices for the most looked for items. If an item you are looking for is NOT on the list please let me know and I will put it on here for you!

Air Fryers


Air Pods with Charging Case

Air Pods PRO with Charging Case

Air Pods Pro are going to easily be one of the biggest sellers this year. Currently only Walmart has announced their INSANE deal of $169 . This will start on November 25th. However, it might start a price war so if you MISS Walmart’s deals check the other store’s prices. HOWEVER, do not wait to see if anything will go lower. Walmart will sell out FAST!

Nepresso Machines

Other electronics

  • If you are looking for deals ANY amazon owned products they will be the LOWEST price they are all year long on Amazon ON Black Friday. In past years the bested priced items sell out the quickest so don’t wait to buy any! [ GO HERE ] to see all of Amazon Devices.

Best Clothing Deals

  • Every year Old Navy and The Gap have OUTSTANDING Black Friday Clothing deals. They are ALWAYS a show stopper.
  • New York and Co. Usually have an INSANE deal on a Hat, glove and Scarf pack.
  • Amazon ALWAYS will be do a BIG price drop on Amazon owned product lines like

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