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I am SO excited about this! I have wanting to do something like this for YEARS – no joke. With a little encouragement from some members of our Telegram group I decided to finally jump the gun and do it! So far I have put countless hours of work into creating and organizing this group and my beta members LOVE IT! NOW the doors are open for you to join. This is for those of you WHO Want MORE – More freebies! More ME! More. More. More. MORE! I will take your hand a walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know to get FREEBIE! For 1 WEEK ONLY { ENDS October 23rd } YOU CAN JOIN FOR $2.99 for the 1st month !

⭐️ What you get with your membership. ⭐️

💥 💥 I will be doing a giveaway of $100 Gift Card for the 1st 100 people AND 10 smaller giveaways! 💥 💥
⭐️ This Giveaway will ONLY be open to the 1st 100 people so get in ASAP! ⭐️
⭐️ For 1 WEEK ONLY { ENDS October 23rd } YOU CAN JOIN FOR $2.99 for the 1st month !
⭐️ 👉 Daily FREEBIE List ! And all expired ones will be deleted!
⭐️ 👉 Exclusive Daily E-mails of ALL the newest freebies – Direct links to the freebies with directions. No Ads!
⭐ 👉 Direct links to daily freebies. NO ADS. EVER.
❗ 👉 I GUARANTEE – YOU will get free stuff if you are an active member of this group!
⭐ 👉 Full Access to ME! Need further clarification getting a freebie? ASK!
⭐ 👉 Exclusive links to freebies that won’t be posted ANYWHERE else!
⭐ 👉 Legit Freebies with as much explanation as you need!
⭐ 👉 1st Read of Ebooks! BEFORE ANYONE!
💖 👉 Be a part of the ” FREEBIE Family! “
 It’s more than just a membership + group! It’s friendship & family.
⭐ 👉 Exclusive Giveaways for this group ONLY!
❗ 👉 ** Coming SOON! ** My list of 1,000+ freebies! A $19.00 Value! FREE!
⭐⭐⭐👉 Crazy Low Price of ONLY $4.99 a month! Cancel ANYTIME!
❗❗❗ Again, I GUARANTEE that if you follow all my directions in this group – YOU will get free stuff!
#1. 🌸You would pay HERE :
#2. 🌸Then Request to Join Here:

  1. I would love to join your group. I’m very new. I started cause I had surgery 4 wks ago. But I love all the products but most of all I love the people. Thank you!!! Shallona Houghton

  2. Thank you

  3. We all love freebies

  4. Thanks for your help. I have received a couple of things . But was picked by seventh generation to try their body wash and deodorant. I will post as soon as I get it. I started this a month ago to keep myself busy. I got hooked so I’m waiting for my card cause you have to order at Walmart and than pick it up. I’ll keep you posted.Thanks

  5. I absolutely love freebies. And love. The freebie lady and all you do for us.
    Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you

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