But… How Do I Get Free Stuff ?!?

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. I DO NOT send out any of the free samples listed in this webpage. I simply tell you about OTHER companies that send them out. PLEASE Follow the directions in each post.

The question I get asked most often ( among others ) is, ” How Does this Work?” or ” What Do I have to do to get Free Stuff?”. The good news is the Answer is simple, AND there is no bad news.

It’s simple… You simply click on the posts of items you are interested in. Then, in each post there are direction on how to get each freebie. Say for example you just saw the post about ” Free Elf Makeup“, then scroll down and read the directions on how to get Free Elf Makeup.

There are few things you should know… I DO NOT send out the free samples. So leaving me comments and emails says, ” Please send me [ insert item here ] ” will NOT HELP you to get the freebie. Sorry. Also, I DO NOT determine the winners of any of the bouncy boxes, nor do I decide who will get the free samples. My role as a blog owner is simply to inform you of OTHER companies who are sending out freebies.

And ” But I NEVER Get Anything! ” The comment of ” I never get anything ” drives me crazy! Like BANANA’s. Simply put if you are not getting ANYTHING you are doing is wrong. I NEVER – EVER – EVER post fake freebies or scams – EVER. Sometimes a company will put up a page for a free sample offer and they either get over whelmed with entries and can’t send everyone one. OR they offer has expired. Also, yes, sometimes here and there I do make a mistake and post an old free sample offer. If you are following the directions in EACH POST and filling out the information they ask for you should start receiving fun stuff in 6 to 8 weeks. I get stuff almost everyday. Again, I DO NOT send out the Freebies. 

Some times people also tell me that they are doing endless amount of survey’s that make them go in circles… Simply put if this happens to you then you have click somewhere that you shouldn’t have. All the Freebies I post are TRIED and true. You DO NOT have to do endless survey’s to get free samples or freebies.

I also get asked if you need to do surveys ? Sometimes, like for product testing, you will need to answer some questions about yourself ( maybe 5 to 10 ). For the most part if this is something you need to do I tell you in the directions in each post.

Lastly, I get asked why a company may my ” personal ” information?!? If a company asks for your social security number or something that has NOTHING to do with the freebie it’s self  – like your ATM password in exchange for a face cream – then you probably click on something, somewhere that has lead you to something FAKE. However, again, I NEVER post FAKE FREEBIES OR SCAMS ! Companies WILL ask for your mailing address and email address though. This is because how else can they send you freebies if they don’t have your mailing address?!?

Just to re-cap…. 

  • Follow and Read the directions in EACH POST. 
  • I DO NOT Send you the freebies myself. 
  • If you are NOT Getting Anything for months, and months = YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. 
  • I NEVER post Scams. 
  • Also, I appreciate you. Always feel free to comment or contact me with questions.

Thanks for reading!

Becky , The Freebie Lady.


  1. Thank You for everything you do I appreciate it and have lots of fun and freebies

  2. Thanks Becky for everything you do for us. We think you ate awesome!

  3. I hope to get the freebies, but when I sign up it’s a wasted of time and energy, but keep up your good work. Thanks!!

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