Black Friday is a great time to save some money on some things you may have been wanting, or even needing… HOWEVER, Did you know you can SAVE EVEN more than the sticker price on Black Friday? Here is what you need to save even more on Black Friday.

#1. Join Honey – I mean you CAN NOT LIVE without this browser extension. Trust me. lol! It automatically inserts coupon codes for you saving you tons. PLUS, you earn gift cards just for using it. By far one of my favorite ways to get free gift cards EVER! { GO HERE To Get It! }

#2. Price Grabber  – You need a Price Comparison Tool! –  Know If It’s REALLY a Discount: ” Discounts” are sometimes NOT Discounts at all. Sometimes retailers are tricky and raise the price of items, and then ” Discount them ” . Be sure to Use Price comparison Tools like, Price Grabber , or ShopZilla

#3. Top Cash Back – YOU NEED A Cash Back App ! Otherwise, it’s like throwing money out the window and I DO NOT Want that for you!

#4. A Discounted Gift Card – If you are spending $50 or more at any one place you NEED a discounted gift card!  Buy discounted gift cards at places like [ Raise ][ Gift Card Granny ] or ever [ EBAY! ]. My favorite is [ GO HERE ] because when you sign up you Get a FREE $5.00 credit. Which is basically FREE Money!

#5. Slick Deals – This is the secret Among all deal bloggers. I specifically LOVE their community section.


  1. Fetch Rewards . 1st, by downloading fetch on your phone from the apple apps store or google play. Then follow these instructions STEP by STEP!
    • Get Fetch Rewards On your phone.
    • ENTER Referral Code: U8EWC { YOU MUST DO THIS STEP! }
    • You will get a $2.00 Gift Card JUST for getting the app.
    • $1.00 for scanning a receipt. 
    • $3.00 GIFT CARD in 5 minutes! EVERYONE GETS IT!
    • ONLY A $3.00 Minimum to cash out !

#2. The shopping app offers immediate cash back upon purchase. Absolutely no wait! Customers enter the purchase total, and retail workers are prompted to scan the app. Users get cashback and can even stack their credit card rewards. And the store is able to eliminate credit card processing fees! { GO HERE } To Get The Ibotta App.

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