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Free Samples by mail is what I live for! If there is one thing that I am good at it’s finding only LEGIT freebies and free samples by mail and bringing them to you – my loyal readers. Hey everyone, it’s me, Becky – The Freebie Lady.

I have been obsessed with finding free things for as long as I can remember. I think it all started when I was struggling college student and was sent a package of cookies – free , in the mail! – to taste test. I could not believe that how little work it took to get a full box of cookies for free! In that moment I was hooked. In the years sense I have become an expert in all things Free! Weather that’s free samples in the mail, Freebies from the store, freebies from product testing and more. You name it I can usually find a way to get it for FREE!

Free Moose Tracks Sticker !

HEYYYY sticker Lovers! Grab this FREE - in the mail - Moose Tracks sticker! Just fill out your name and mailing address and that's it. BONUS : If you LOVE Stickers and get your FREE 405+ Sticker List ( it's growing ALL THE TIME! ) .   to get your Free Moose Track Sticker.  Want more FREEBIES? ...

Free Sample by Mail of Grenade Protein Bars!

If you would like to try a new food product, be sure to fill out this sample request form on Facebook. You can get a Free Sample by Mail of Grenade Protein Bars when you visit them on Facebook and click "Get Offer". Hurry, supplies are limited! How Does This webpage works? to read ...

NEW! Make Money Survey ! HIGHLY RATED!

As you have seen if you follow my blog for any amount of time i don't often recommend survey sites. However, I just found a new one that I LOVE { SIGN UP HERE } ! It's called, " Make Money Survey" and in my research it's highly recommend all over the internet { GO HERE } to sign up... As you have ...

Free Clinere Earwax Cleaners by Mail!

Would you like to try out a better way to keep your ears clean? If so, be sure to sign up to receive Free Clinere Earwax Cleaners by Mail from Sampler. Note: You will need a mobile phone to claim this freebie. How Does This webpage works? to read my post about " How Does This Work? "  JOIN US ...

FREE LED Keychain and Light Bulbs!

This is pretty fun and super easy. Grab yourself a FREE LED Keychain and Light Bulbs. Just checkmark which one you would like free, or pick both. Then sign up for an account. You will get then Get an in-store coupons via email. Just print the email or display the coupon on your mobile device ...

Free Samples By Mail