101 Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards .

WOWZA! I have been working for MONTHS on this list of 101 Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards! It was important to me that this list was trustworthy, legit and easy to follow. I think ( tell me if I am wrong ) that I have accomplished exactly what I set out to do.

What I did was divided this up into sections. Each way to get a free gift card is explained in as much detail as I could in order for you to understand how to get them. Also, all of these 101 Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards have been verified as legit and real. In fact, almost all of them I have actually done. If I haven’t personally used it / done it then I have done my research to make sure it’s REAL. Lastly, at the end of this HUGE list on how to get free gift cards I give you some advice on how to make the most out of the list.

Top 20 favorite Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards!

Let’s start off with my personal top 20! Here have, top ten ways to get free gift cards I have talk about on my blog time after time. They are GREAT and I use them ALL every day, then at the end of the year I cash them in for Christmas. Also, Christmas ends up being totally FREE for me EVERY year. It’s insane. Highly recommended.

  1. Fetch Rewards . 1st, by downloading fetch on your phone from the apple apps store or google play. Then follow these instructions STEP by STEP!
    • Get Fetch Rewards On your phone.
    • ENTER Referral Code: U8EWC { YOU MUST DO THIS STEP! }
    • You will get a $2.00 Gift Card JUST for getting the app.
    • $1.00 for scanning a receipt. 
    • $3.00 GIFT CARD in 5 minutes! EVERYONE GETS IT!
    • ONLY A $3.00 Minimum to cash out !
  2. InstaGC [ GO HERE ] to Join. Get points JUST for logging in here and there. Cash out is ONLY $1.00! It’s seriously the EASIEST way to get free gift cards! It won’t disappoint you.
  3. 🌟 🌟 🌟 Swagbucks [ GO HERE ] to Join . I love Swagbucks! Swagbucks – Get a FREE $14.50 ! 1st, Get $10 just for signing up. Then Get 50 Points ( $0.50 ) for adding their extension. Next, 100 Points for linking a card ( $1.00 ). 300 Points ( $3.00 ) BONUS after you earn your 1st 300 points. Last, it’s SO EASY to make money with Swagbucks! [CLICK HERE]. 
  4. Shopkicks = Shopkick is the app that rewards you for shopping in-store and online. Keep in mind, you can Earn reward points (we call them kicks), then redeem for a wide selection of free gift cards!
  5. Get Miles – Download the app and earn gift cards just for riding in your car. It’s that simple. The offers are not that great but a few times a month they will offer you a gift card ! Grab it as soon as you see it!
  6. Ebates – Get a FREE $10 when you spend $25 Just for Signing up! Get a FREE $5.00 for referring people! [CLICK HERE! ]  
  7. Top Cash Back – Just as the name says, you’ll get Top Cash Back on a ton of online purchases. Many times this the TOP cash back program around! PLUS, earn $30 ( YES – $30 ) for referring friends! [ GO HERE ]
  8. Join Honey – I mean you CAN NOT LIVE without this browser extension. Trust me. lol! It automatically inserts coupon codes for you saving you tons. PLUS, you earn gift cards just for using it. By far one of my favorite ways to get free gift cards EVER! [ GO HERE }
  9. Ibbotta – Do you shop at the grocery store ever? lol. Of course you do ! Then you need Ibbotta or your basically throwing money away. It’s the easiest way to get free gift cards from stuff you already buy at the store. [ GO HERE ] and sign up!
  10. Pop cart – $5.00 FREE Amazon Gift Card just for signing up, and $5.00 for every friend you refer. Another one of my all time favorite online extensions. Use in combination with Join Honey to save TONS. Popcart is a chrome extension that shops multiple retailers behind the scenes as you shop in order to ensure you always get the best price. It works on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, Ulta and many more are coming soon.  [ RUN = Go HERE ] To Sign Up!
  11. Raise – Raise is a discount Gift Card store. HOWEVER, it’s even better than that! Right now at Raise you can get a Free $5.00 gift card OF ANY KIND when you use my link [ GO HERE ] ! 
  12. My Points – I use my Points Every year to pay for ALL of Christmas! I’m not joking. ALL OF IT! That’s how great it is. I’m almost up to $700 and I still have 4 more months to go for Christmas! Do surveys, watch movies and more. All the points add up. It’s that easy! My Points [ GO HERE ] 
  13. WikiBuy – Is similar to Get Honey but, it goes a little further… It can also show you the lowest price an item has ever been! You will need to decided which on you like better.
  14. https://paribus.co/ – Paribus is great for telling you if Amazon owns you money back! If a package is outside amazon’s 2 day shipping promise or any other problems that may go un-noticed Paribus’s will tell you! Then It will tell you what to say to Amazon ( or other companies ) to get any money back you maybe entitled to! Easy way to get free money that you didn’t even know was there!
  15. Receipt Hog – is a smart phone app. Simply scan your receipts and get free gift cards. You can use this WITH Fetch rewards and Receipt pal ( below )!
  16. ReceiptPal – Use ReceiptPal to snap your paper receipts, or connect your email or Amazon account, and you’ll earn points for every receipt. You can redeem your points for gift cards from great retailers. Plus, you’ll be automatically entered into our weekly sweepstakes for cash prizes.
  17. Drop App – Another phone smart phone app with it’s weight in FREE gift cards, lol! Just shop like normal and you’ll start earning points that you can redeem for free gift cards. Drop App is basically a no brainier!
  18. Qmee [ GO HERE ] To Sign up . All you have to do to earn money with them is go use them as a search Engine!
  19. Pine Cone Research [ GO HERE ] To Sign up. They pay $3.00 per-survey if the survey takes 5 minutes or a hour. It doesn’t matter. They still pay $3.00. This one is pretty hard to get into. They are currently accepting new applications , but that could change at any moment. When they have openings for your specific demographic they will e-mail you.
  20. Capterra Reviews – I just did a review with them and I received the EASIEST $10 I have ever gotten from Survey’s. All you have to do is pick a brand from their list and leave a review for that brand. Once your review is approved they will send a $10 gift card. You can it 10 times for a total of $1,000 ! It is REALLY that easy!

Market Research Companies

The internet is filled with fake Market Research/survey companies. It hurts my heart to see how many spammers are out there just trying to get your information. The list below is for REAL market research companies. They pay you big bucks for giving your opinion and participating in real studies. I’m talking $50 to as high as $300! Everything from tracking your eating habits, to participation in online panels. The opportunities are endless. Just know that this list is REAL – and safe. I promise you. Some pay in real free gift cards. While others will pay you cold, hard cash. Enjoy.

  1. Engage Studies [ GO HERE ] to join.
  2. Probe Market Research [ GO HERE ] To Join.
  3. Minds Warm [ GO HERE ] To Join.
  4. Focus Group [ GO HERE ] To Join.
  5. Survey Squad / Focus Forward [ GO HERE ] To Join.
  6. Huge List of Univeristies [ HERE ] 

Get Paid TO DO Sites: 

What are ” Get Paid To Do Sites”  you might be asking yourself right about now? These are sites that ask you to do a specific task , like a survey, or watch videos in exchange for a payment. The problem with these is they are often the cause of a TON of spammers and scammers. Again, it makes my heart hurt. However, there are legit real ones out there that you can get real, free gift cards from. I am not going to lie. These are NOT going to pay your rent. BUT they can make you an extra $100 a month or so! It all adds up. Think about it, if you don’t cash them in until Christmas, Christmas will be free! 

  1. Survey Junky – One of the most trusted survey sites online for free gift cards. Take Surveys. Get Paid. The most popular spot online to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts. 
  2. Vindale Research  – It is one of my favorite legit survey sites. Why? Because the earnings are SUPER high ( up to $50 a survey) AND you can cash out with Paypal or a gift card. So it’s like cash. It’s super simple to get started! 
  3. Survey Squad – Want SUPER high paying surveys? I am talking $50 to $200 a survey? Then this is the place to join! Not everyone will qualify and sometimes you have to take a demographic survey to see if you qualify for the paid survey. BUT I have been accepted into a few of these and I HIGHLY Recommend you join. [ CLICK HERE ] to join. 
  4. Branded Surveys – Opportunity upon opportunity to make real money with Branded. I am getting TONS of survey offers a day from them. The more you do, the more money you make with each. You get points and turn those points in for cash or gift cards. Great an over-all legit site. [ CLICK HERE ] to Join. 
  5. Vindale Research – Join Vindale Research and earn up to $50 per online survey completed. Cash-out with PayPal! [ CLICK HERE ] to Join! 
  6. Google Opinion Rewards – is a phone app that is so easy to use! Just download it and follow the instructions. You’ll start making money right away! 
  7. Microsoft Rewards  –  Earn points by searching, and doing other small tasks. Trade-in your points for FREE Gift Cards. It’s really that easy! 
  8. Prolific – Defiantly a crowd favorite! When you are people who take surveys for money all the time which one is in their top 10? This one ALWAYS comes up. [ CLICK HERE ] to Join 
  9. Inbox Dollars – After hearing mixed reviews about inbox dollars [ GO HERE ] I did a little digging. What I found out is that INBOX Dollars in one of the few LEGIT survey Sites out there. In fact, they have a Better Business Bureau rating of an A! Which, in the land of survey webpage is phenomenal! Check out there Better Business Bureau page [ HERE ] .
  10. Reddit Beer money – Ok – this isn’t a program or survey site per-say. However, it’s an amazing ( the best out there ) all about legit ” get paid to do ” sites and programs. Filled with more information that I could ever post in this blog post. Really – it’s amazing and filled with honest folks. 

Test Drive Cars

Here is one that no one ever thinks about as an easy way to get free gift cards and that’s TEST Drive Cars! You don’t have to buy them, you just have to sign up and test drive them. The pay out is actually a lot more then you would expect, it ranges anywhere from $50 – $100 ! Just for a few minutes of your time! 

  1. Buick
  2. Chrysler
  3. Dodge
  4. Ford
  5. GMC
  6. Honda
  7. Hyundai
  8. Infiniti
  9. Jeep
  10. Land Rover
  11. Lexus
  12. Mazda
  13. Nissan
  14. Subaru
  15. Toyota
  16. Volvo

Other ways to Get Free Gift Cards! 

Here are some other ways to get free gift cards. These are ways I didn’t know what category to put them. They are all great ways to get Free gift cards and for the most part I have tried them ALL! 

  1. https://www.cashdirectclub.com/ – This is similar to EBATES and TOPS CASH BACK! 
  2. https://www.dosh.com/ – Everyone loves Dosh! If you don’t have Dosh you are REALLY missing out . You’ll earn cash back when you shop, dine or travel. Simply download the app, link your cards and start earning. No coupons or receipt scanning. 
  3. https://www.befrugal.com/ – The best part of BeFrugal is that there is a Sign-up bonus: $10 ! With Be Frugal you can get up to 40% Cash back on over 5,000 stores. It all adds up So fast! Cash out with either paypal or free gift cards. So easy. 
  4.  Amazon’s MTurk – Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individuals and businesses to outsource their processes and jobs to a distributed workforce who can perform these tasks virtually. No special skills are needed. Super easy way to make a little extra money!
  5. Fiveer – I love Fiveer! I personally have used it a ton with my business!  Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 300+ categories. Sign up to provide a service and make easy extra money! 
  6. https://app.getupside.com/ – Just do your normal shopping locally and make cashback with free gift cards without doing a thing but having the app. on your phone.  This cashback program is more for LOCAL businesses! Combine it with any of the other cashback programs listed on this list!
  7. https://producttube.com/ – Make short videos reviewing products and earn free gift cards! So easy!
  8. refer Friends to https://www.personalcapital.com/
  9. Selling used textbooks – there are TONS of webpage out there that will buy old texted books from you in exchange for free gift cards! Check out  Bookscouter to sell your old books. It’s one of the most trusted ones out there! 
  10. This is so easy ! All you have to do is  Sign up for a free Arcadia Power account , next connect your utility bill.  You will get a free $25 Target gift card just for doing that! 
  11. Robinhood -I bet you are thinking, why the heck would I want FREE Stocks right now?! Well, do you know how people got rich during the Great Depression? THEY BOUGHT STOCKS while it was low. That ” easy ” . And right now stocks are LOW BUT they will go back up. Just [ GO HERE ] and Robinhood will give you a free stock. NO CREDIT CARD is needed to sign up. 
  12. Paypal – Link cards to your paypal account and get rewarded by getting free gift cards! 
  13. P&G Good Everyday – Earn points and exchange them for Free gift cards when buying things you buy already!
  14. Shop Tracker – Shop tracker is exactly what it sounds like… It trackers your shopping on your phone for market research. Just by signing up and activating the app you get a $3.00 Master card gift card. It will be the easiest $3.00 you ever make! 
  15. Unpaid money from the government! – You have try this. While it’s not ” Free Gift Cards ” per-say it’s free money! How about a paycheck from an old or a benefit you didn’t know you were getting?!? Search your name to see if there is any money out there that never got to you! 
  16. https://moneypantry.com/get-free-gift-cards/
  17. MrRebates.com – Just go here and create your free account. You get $5 sign up bonus. It is credited after your first purchase. Even better, tell your friends about it and get more money with every friend that signs up! 


I know a BUNCH of people who wake up an 30 minutes to an hour early every day and just enter contest JUST to get Free gift cards and other freebies. They win stuff from $5.00 gift cards, to vacations. Trust me when I say the hour a day they put in really pays off! These are true friends of mine and I have seen the winnings myself. It’s awesome. The key here is knowing the difference between fake giveaways and contest, and the real ones. Below are some trusted webpage to get started in entering contests and giveaways to get yourself some free gift cards. Good Luck! 

  1. Instagram Giveaways – Everyday there are tons of giveaways for gift cards on Instagram. Finding them is actually pretty easy. Just use the search function and search for tags like : #giveaway #contest #sweepstakes #FreebieFriday
  2. Lucktastic –  Sign up and join an amazing giveaway app called Lucktastic. Each day, they run contests ! Play everyday and you are almost guaranteed to win ! It’s super fun. I use it and love it myself. 
  3. Check out webpages the promote trust, real giveaways. Here are a few of my favorite. You better believe that all the :

Class Action Lawsuits

Many people don’t realize that there are TONS of Class Action Lawsuites going on all the time. These are SUPER easy to apply for and may times do not require any ” proof ” .

They are a great way to get free gift cards and/or checks. This is not to say you should LIE and enter the ones you don’t qualify for. However, when you look through the list of them you will probably notice that MANY of them you DO qualify for and you didn’t even know they were there! 

  1. Class Action Lawsuits – A great place to find Class-action Lawsuits [ HERE ] – Here are some that I think you would most interested in. These are not open ones…
  2. Open Class Action Lawsuits [ HERE ]
  3. CytoSport and/or Muscle Milk Class Action Settlement: POTENTIAL SETTLEMENT $25 [ HERE ] .
  4. Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer Product Label Class Action Settlement[ HERE ]
  5. 1-800 Contacts Class Action Settlement[ HERE ]
  6. Amazon Prime Class Action: No 2-Day Shipping During Pandemic!
  7. Checkers Data Security Breach Litigation

Transfer your prescriptions to a new pharmacy

Transferring your prescriptions to a new pharmacy is a super easy way to get free gift cards. However, I will warn you that some states prohibit some form of incentives for prescription transfers. In these states in maybe hard to find rewards or free gift cards if you transfer your prescriptions! 

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  1. pharmacarx – Once your prescription is filled, get a FREE $30 gift coupon to use in stores!
  2. RiteAid:  – Get $25 in wellness+ BonusCash rewards per prescription. You could earn up to $100 in savings at Rite Aid.
  3. CVS: – Earn up to $50 Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards® for filling prescriptions, getting flu shots and more. 
  4. Walgreens – Earn 100 points for every prescription you fill. Excludes AR, NJ and NY. Points earned on prescriptions and other pharmacy transactions limited to 50,000 per calendar year. Only prescriptions picked up in store are eligible to earn points.

Debt Cards with Rewards…. These are NOT Credit Cards.

  1. https://www.axosbank.com/Personal = 1% on debit card purchases and a TON of other perks. It’s basically Free Money.
  2. Bank of America – Has ” BankOfAmericaDeals” basically has cash back of with specific deals from companies like Starbucks, and Olive Garden. It’s the easiest way EVER to get free money & gift cards.

Lastly …. Here are some final Easy Ways to get Free Gift Cards! 

  1. Amazon – keep an eye out for discounted gift cards on Amazon [ HERE ] . I check this daily, every morning, and before I go to bed. Many times realtors sell gift cards [ HERE ] for up to half off – with NO Catch.
  2.  I HIGHLY recommend checking out the reddit forum ” Beer Money “. They have honest and reliable information about how to make some extra money on the side from home. These people have no ulterior motive. In fact if members lie or try to use an affiliate link they will be kicked out of the group. [ GO HERE ] to check out that group! 
  3. Refer a Friend to Groupon and you will get $10 to use on any groupon! [ Sign up HERE ] and start sharing your refer a friend code with your friends! 
  4. Refer a Friend to Airbnb and GET  $30 in Airbnb credits! How amazing it that!?? ! [ GO HERE ] to sign and start referring people! And you will get $20 – $30 off a place somewhere too! 
  5. Refer a Friend to Postmark and YOU will get $10 totally FREE and SO WILL THEY!  NEW Poshmark members get a FREE $10 Shopping Credit  (normally $5) with our invite code: REBEPA333 when you join – YOU MUST USE THE CODE TO GET THE FREE Credit.. [ GO HERE to sign up! ] 
  6. Refer a Friend to Thredup and YOU will get $10 totally FREE and so will they!  Get $10 worth of Clothes or Accessories ( PLUS a possible 20% OFF! ) at ! I am not kidding. Just [ GO HERE ] to ThredUp   and find ANYTHING that’s $10 or less and it’s free.

Final Thoughts Free Gift Cards… 

Lastly, in order to take full advantage of this list and get the most out of you really need to be organized and have a plan. Here are some tips to help you get the most free gift cards possible out of this huge list! 

1. Don’t spread yourself too thin

Don’t try and do the entire list in one day and think you’ll be able to do it. Take the list one bit, one section at a time. Maybe do 5 or 6 a day. What you will end up finding out is that you will LOVE some sites , and not like others. For example, I LOVE Swagbucks. However, you might find you LOVE entering contests instead! It’s all personal preference. 

2. Do not pay a membership fee! Or Any other Fee for anything! 

1st off, Everything posted in this huge list how to get free gift cards is completely free! Therefore, if anyone asks you to pay for anything to get something for free, then it’s NOT Free! If that is happening to you then you may have clicked on an ad on a webpage… or a popup. 

3. Know what information to give and what not to give! 

You will find on a lot of survey sites or ” Get Paid To Do ” sites they will ask you information about yourself. Keep in mind,  this is because they want to match your demographic information with the correct surveys, emails, videos… So, why have you do a survey about dogs if you hate dogs? However, they do NOT need to know your social security number, phone number, etc. Be aware of information they REALLY need and what they don’t! 

4. Make an email address solely for the purpose of using these sites
so, Let’s be frank, some of the webpages on my list are going to sell your email . What does that mean for you? It means that you are going to be getting a lot of emails! Lastly, Because of this I highly recommend that you set up a new email address just for getting free gift cards! 

5. Do multiple sites all at once and take small bites! 

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