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There are so many ways to get free baby samples. It boggles my mind that parents and grandparents don’t know about all these secrets. Let’s be real having a baby can be expensive ! Between diapers, wipes and equipment the costs can really up. So, any chance you can get to to get baby stuff for free you have to jump it. Therefor, here I am going to tell you … ways to get free baby samples.

Free Baby Samples

There are a ton of company’s that want you to try their baby products so that you fall in love with the products. Then, buy it all the time and tell your friends about. Therefor, it’s actually pretty easy to find companies that will send you free baby samples in the mail. Furthermore, Not only that but some big box stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target and BuyBuyBaby will send you free sample BOXES filled to the brim with baby related samples.

Additionally, Below I created a list of companies that send will send you baby samples free in the mail. Simply click on the link and fill out the information. Keep in mind it takes a few weeks to get your freebies from these companies. Also, I DO NOT send you the free samples. Feel free to read [ THIS ] article if you having trouble getting the freebies I post in the mail.

Keep in mind…

Also, keep in mind that once you start signing up for these your name and address will get shared with other companies. While, I know this might sound like a “bad ” thing BUT it isn’t! Other companies will start sending you free baby products too { and you wont even have to sign up for them! }. Furthermore, I remember when I was pregnant with both my boys I was receiving multiple free baby products A DAY!

List of Companies that will send Free Baby Samples :

  • My Blog – Yes, That’s right… Some Free baby samples come and go by the week! Companies start and end promotions all the time. Check my blog DAILY as I post new Freebies EVERY. Single. Day. That way you will be sure never to miss one.
  • Seventh Generation baby Samples [ GO HERE ] – Next, fill out the form and join seventh Generation ” Generation Good” . Answer a few questions about yourself and follow the directions. They will match you with some great freebies.
  • CeraVe Skincare Samples ( baby skincare products ) [ GO HERE ]
  • Free Diapers and other samples. [ Go HERE ] .
  • Huggies – Rewards and Coupons! [ GO HERE ]
  • Honest Company [ GO HERE ] – Sign up for the Free Sample Bundle. There is a shipping charge of only $5.95 but it FAR surpasses the value of the bundle. If you are having a baby this is a MUST DO!
  • Similac Formula and Coupons [ GO HERE ] – Furthermore, The program is called ” Strong moms.” because, let’s face it we ARE Strong! Once you sign up you will be sent a TON of free formula. If you don’t get some that you think your baby will like you should write or email then and tell them you’d like try to a different kind. Even if you are breastfeeding I highly recommend you sign up for this one just so you have a little formula at home in case of an emergency!
  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library sign up [ HERE ] for this and your kid will get a FREE Book every month till he or she is 5 years old. It’s an amazing program!
  • Free Store Brand Formula Coupon [ GO HERE ] – So easy and I never hear anyone talk about this one!
  • Free Toy from Pampers Rewards! [ GO HERE ] – sign up for pampers rewards, and download the app. You can easily get enough ” points ” by doing the basics to get a FREE baby toy! How about that?!?

Free Baby Sample Boxes!

Next, many big box stores will send you a HUGE box over following with free baby samples including free bottles, lotions, pacifiers, shampoo’s, and coupons and more! It’s really pretty amazing. To be honest, the 1st time I got one in the mail I couldn’t believe it was ALL free! Many of them require you sign up for there baby registry. Which is so easy to do, especially given all the freebies you’re going to get! Below is a list of all the free baby boxes around ! It’s seriously the best list I’ve ever found online – anywhere!

  • Amazon’s Free Welcome Baby Box { worth $35! } [ Click Here ] – In order to get this box you must create a registry and do a few extra steps. However, it’s well worth it because it is defiantly one of the BEST free baby boxes around!
  • Walmart [ Go Here ] – To get a walmart baby box just use the link that I provided and follow the directions. Sometimes this box does go on back order so plan ahead. Also, keep in mind that you will need to create a registry.
  • Baby Box Co [ Click HERE ] – This box seems to send you everything you need for baby for Free! Wow! ” like onesies, burp cloths, and more. From safe sleep to nutrition to brain health, The Baby Box Co. Courses (formerly Baby Box University) has videos that will answer your questions and get you prepared. ”
  • Hello Baby Box [ GO HERE ] – This free baby box is filled with amazing samples and offers from coveted brands. You will have to pay $6.99 for shipping. However, from what I have found is that the contents in this box are worth more then the $6.99 shipping costs!
  • BuyBuyBaby [ Click Here ] – Like many of the big box stores all you have to do is register and you will get this free box of baby samples Plus a TON or coupons.
  • Target Baby Box [ CLICK HERE ] – Run over to Target, either in person or online. Add at least $100 worth of items to your Target baby registry and you will get an awesome baby box filled with freebies!
  • Noobie Box – free pregnancy edition [ GO HERE ] – This is a monthly baby subscription box. The 1st box is ” Free ” however, you do have to pay $6.95 shipping and handling. It comes with a ton of stuff. Great deal!
  • Nestle baby [ Go Here ] – Register and you will get ” Get up to $130 in Coupons & Samples. ” ! Totally Free.
  • Motherhood [ CLICK HERE ] – not only do they have the BEST nursing / pregnancy bras ( speaking from personal experience ) but they ALSO have a great FREE baby box ( again, speaking from personal experience ). Stop into any Motherhood store and they will give you one ( provided that you are expecting a baby. ).

Free Diapers 

Diapers are one of the most costly things of having a baby the 1st few years ( next to formula ).  However, the good news is that a lot of the diaper companies want you to try there diapers, fall in love with them, and then buy them – only them. Therefor, they are more than happy to send you Free baby diapers to try out. I listed some of these companies above, however, here more companies that will send you discounts, and free diapers !

I will also note that If the cost of diapers is outside your current house hold budget there are usually local agency that can help. Samples and freebies are great but they won’t cover your child’s entire diaper needs. 

Product Testing

Product testing is a great way to get the high tickets items you will need for your baby for FREE ! I’m talking strollers, high chairs, you name it. I kind you not I got a ” Travel System” complete with car seat, base and stroller for FREE! I also got a travel bassinet and TON of other smaller items for TOTALLY 100% Free. It does take a little bit of effort but the rewards are well worth it! If you want to see my huge list of 108 product testing links I encourage you to check out my list [ HERE ]. That list has both ” baby items ” and non-baby items.

I recommended signing up for all product testing webpages below. Some you will like better than other. 

  • PinchMe [ GO HERE ] – PinchMe is more for smaller free baby samples but they do want your feedback on the items. Pinch me is super easy to use an sign up for. It’s defiantly a must try.
  • WeeSpring – This one is AMAZING. I have gotten so many things from WeeSpring! You do need to be ” invited ” to weesprings to participate. If you would like me to send you an invite just message me on my Instagram page [ HERE ] and I can send you an invite!
  • Viewpoints [ GO HERE ]- Viewpoints is products testing for a TON of different items, Not just baby items. However, viewpoints is amazing and I have gotten a TON of awesome products to test from them. Like a TON! To get on their list you have to sign up for something / anything. After that you will get offers All the time!
  • Johnson & Johnson – It is exactly what it sounds like.. Become a tester for Johnson & Johnson. While this will include baby items. It will also include other items too.
  • Einstein  Products [ GO HERE] – BSM Media is excited to present new Social Spotters programs with products from Baby Einsteins this month!  Baby Einstein celebrates and supports every eager mind with stage-based developmental toys and gear. 

There you have it everyone! Everything thing you need to know to get Free baby samples. Be sure to check out my youtube video [ HERE ] to see the ” proof ” that all of this works to get Free Baby Samples! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I promise you that if you too take the time to follow everything I talked about in the post you too will get a TON or free baby items!

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