108 Legit Product Testing Companies

One of the best way to get a ton of free products online is by product testing. This is EASILY the largest list of Legit Product Testing Companies that I have found ANY WHERE else online. Product testing is a great way to get high value items for totally FREE. I can not tell you how many items I have gotten for TOTALLY Free from legit product testing. The list is endless and dollar amount is well over $1000.00 – NO JOKE. With product testing a company sends you items , and you use them – then you give feedback on how you felt about the product. The feedback should be 100% honest. After you give the feedback you can keep the item!

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The only ” Problem” with doing product testing to get amazing freebies is that the industry is riddled with fake companies trying to look real in order to scam you. So, that is why I made this list of ” Legit Product Testing Companies ” . It can be your go to place to find REAL , trusted companies. The companies on this list are 100% Legit and safe for you to sign up with. Enjoy !

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  1. Pine Cone Research 
  2. Adoric – They will send you free products like Essential Oil Diffusers, Bedding, Kitchen, Pet supplies, Electronics & more
  3. AHAVA – Sign up and enjoy 15% on your first order of naturally rejuvenating skincare products.
  4. Allure Beauty Enthusiast –  You can apply to join the “inner circle” by visiting the sign up page.
  5. BetaBound – Members have tested products from Logitech, Dell, TomTom, Apple, T-Mobile, Polycom, Kodak, Yahoo!, and many other great companies.
  6. – You can receive 0 to 5 product tests per month.
  7. Big Joe Chairs – Have you ever wanted to test out Bean Bag Chairs or more? This is YOUR kind of a product testing panel then.
  8. Brand Power – From time to time we’ll be selecting Home Tester Club members to receive coupons, special offers and free product to try themselves and share with their friends
  9. Brilo Consumer Advisory Panel –  Receive offers, advice, and freebies from their team of household specialists.
  10. Brooks Shoes and Sports Wear – They basically send you shoes to wear for a a few weeks/months at which point they’ll send you a survey with questions about shoes and your experience.
  11. BuzzBack – You get to test household items and beauty products.
  12. BzzAgent–  Test out Teddy Grahams and Ziploc microwave bags among other things.
  13. Carhartt –  Free Carhartt Clothing and other apparel.
  14. Chatterbox – Get free products to test and keep without having to have the actual House Party.
  15. Chico’s – They are looking for women to share their opinions about clothing
  16. Clicks Research – Work with a whole host of big name brands, including Marks and Spencer, The Body Shop, Boots and Sanctuary.
  17. Columbia Sports – Test and keep a variety of sports wear from Columbia !
  18. Condé Nast Style Society – This advertises itself as an exclusive online community, and comes from the magazines Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, and more.You can take a five-minute questionnaire to see if you qualify.
  19. CrowdTap – You get to test Amazon products. You get the stuff for free but you have to leave a review on Amazon for each product you receive.
  20. Crowdville– Is the new kid on the product testing block.
  21. Daily Goodie Box – Works in pretty much the same way — you sign up, fill out your details, and then you can become eligible for regularly sent boxes of “goodies” to test out what’s inside.
  22. Elemis – Test and review brand new products before anyone else. For each new product launch we will select a panel of reviewers based on their suitability and provide full size items to be tested and reviewed.
  23. Elle Inner Circle – You may be tempted to join the Elle Inner Circle. You will get exclusive access to content, members only discussions, prizes, and online chatting with special guests in the beauty and fashion industries.
  24. Essence Insiders – Get free beauty products from Essence Magazine
  25. ExpoTV –  Get free products for doing video reviews.
  26. Fitbit – Sign up now to join the Fitbit field testers
  27. Johnson and Johnson – Test out Make up, baby products and beauty items.
  28. – Test out are selected randomly, based on geography, age of children, etc. Not every family will be selected.
  29. – They give you samples and free stuff for parties.
  30. In Home Product Testing – These evaluations include your opinions about new ideas for products or actually testing products in your home and letting us know what you think of them.
  31. Influenster – You can get all kinds of food and snack related products to try out.
  32. InStyle Trendsetters – You’ll have insider opportunities to evaluate brand-new products, and even give us feedback about InStyle itself!
  33. i-Say– Is one of the UK’s leading market research companies, and they’re more than happy to reward you for your opinions.
  34.  Ipsos – Test an array of products from feminine hygiene to food and baby items.
  35. Glamorise – Test out Active Wear.
  36. Glam Spotters – If you’re into fashion, this company will send you beauty and fashion products to test
  37. Good Housekeeping Product Testing Panel – This is an exclusive Advisory Panel for the Good Housekeeping products.
  38. Kidco  – KidCo values the feedback and comments from you – the parent
  39. Kraft First Taste – You’ll have the opportunity to test new products.
  40. Lenovo – Just fill out the form to become a member of the Lenovo Customer Panel
  41. L’oreal Consumer Testing – L’Oreal has a Consumer Participation Panel where you get to test products they make, including Hair Care, Cosmetics, Skincare, Suncare, and more.
  42. Macy’s  – new product review program by Macy’s called ” Macy’s Review Squad “! This program is by invite only, but you can fill out the form and your profile.
  43. Marie Claire Magazine –  you’ll have the opportunity to test and share your opinion on everything from the newest ‘it’ bag to your favorite shade of lipstick.
  44. Mary Claire Velvet Rope Club – This magazine presents an insider’s society for women to express their views, and to get special offers and prizes.
  45. Mccormicks Testing Program – Test out spices and seasonings.
  46. MeadIf you’re a teacher, Mead is for you.
  47. Microsoft Testing Panel – You get to test the latest Microsoft products like games and software.
  48. Mills Advisory Panel – You will have the opportunity to not only get totally free stuff, you also influence the look, taste, and experience of General Mills and Small Planet Foods products.
  49. Minute Rice – You can become a member of their Recipe Club® where you get the chance to not only receive free products and samples to test, but you also get coupons and special discounts.
  50. Mom’s Meet – You can become a “mom ambassador” for Mom’s Meet. This is mostly testing green, all-natural products.
  51. MomSelect –This is from the BSM Media where only moms can participate.
  52. My Soap Box
  53. National Consumer Panel (Nielson) 
  54. Naturally Savvy – Naturally Savvy will send you “green” products to test.
  55. Naturally Curly – Sign up and let your voice be heard for free products.
  56.  New Balance – If you are a New Balance fan, and want to get free New Balance shoes, this is the program you want to sign up for.
  57. Nieto Research – Get FREE Baby Products, Diapers, & Feminine Hygiene Products from Nieto Research!!
  58. Nike Product Tester – This is Nike’s product testing panel.
  59. Oprah Magazine DevOtee Panel – Oprah fans are called DevOtees here and not only you get free samples and products, you also can win prizes by participating in surveys.
  60. Opinion Outpost – You can get paid to do surveys AND if you’re chosen, you could test new razors, beauty products, diapers, food and more!!
  61. Outdoor Cap – Join the tester panel to get free headgear
  62. Panda Research –  Panda Research is one of the oldest market research firms online and they have paid out over $2.2 million to their users.
  63. Mom Tester Program – You get to keep the products you’ve tested.
  64. Parenting Magazine – The products you’ll be testing include:
    • Toys and games
    • Books, DVDs, CDs, or Video Games
    • Health products for babies, toddlers, or kids
    • Bath products for baby, toddlers, or kids
    • Health and beauty products for Mom
    • Gear: strollers, carriers, furniture, items for feeding and diapering, etc.
  65. People Style Watch Style Hunters – You will be the first to know about the latest fashion and beauty, including getting product samples.
  66. Perfume Club – Join a unique program to explore the power of scents.
  67. Philips Sonicare – If you are 18-65 years old you may qualify to participate
  68. PinchMe – Test out of variety of free samples. Samples are released on a monthly basis.
  69. Pink Panel – Once selected, you will receive FREE samples of skincare or makeup products plus get paid for doing it.
  70. Product Testing USA – They offer big name and expensive products for free, but you enter your name into the pool to see if you will be randomly selected as a product tester.
  71. Pueen Nail and Cosmetics –  PUEEN is always looking for reviewers who are reliable, communicative, honest and constructive to post product reviews.
  72. Ravensburger – Test games and puzzles!
  73. Redbook Panel –You can join the RedBook panel to give feedback on books, stories, and also test products.
  74. Red Robin  – They are looking for people to participate in taste tests, focus groups and other research projects
  75. Reebok Testing Panel – Same as NB testing program, but Reebok actually compensate you with free products once the test is over.
  76. Remington – If you get accepted, you’ll get the chance to test and review Remington hair care, hair removal, shaving, and grooming products for FREE
  77. Ripple Street – Sign up to do house parties with friends/family where brands send you their products for your entire group to try. This site was formerly known as House Party.
  78. Roku Beta Testing Program – You will be able to test new software features and channels.
  79. Saucony – Looking for Runners to test out a verity of running products.
  80. Seventeen Social Club –  Free beauty products and VIP event access.
  81. She Speaks – Test out a Sonicare electric toothrush and an Oreida potato masher.
  82. Smiley 360 – Get full-sized toiletries and beauty products.
  83. Snuggle Bear Den – Membership is free and gives you access to product testing opportunities.
  84. Springboard America – Members can participate in product testing, focus groups and online surveys.
  85. Stylehunters Trendsetters – You’ll also have the chance to evaluate brand-new products, and even give feedback about InStyle itself!
  86. Southern  Living – By joining their community you will have the chance to test new products for free.
  87. Summer Infant – They are looking for parents with a child between the ages of 0-3 years old to sign up now to become one of our product testers.
  88. Survey Junkie  – Survey Junkie is free to join and the points never expire, so it’s worth spending free time here.
  89. Swaggable – Join for free to get free samples and products to test.
  90. Target – Free stuff From Target to test out.
  91. Team Redbook – Redbook wants you to become a panel member, where you would have the opportunity to share your opinion, win prizes, and test new products.
  92. The Pink Panel – Opportunity to test Makeup and other beauty Items.
  93. Tide Development Team – Join to get free cleaning products made by Tide.
  94. Toluna – The best site for getting free products and rewards in exchange for your views.
  95. Trinova – Trinova offers cleaning products when you become a Trinova VIP
  96. Truth in Aging – Take a short survey for your chance to test our featured products.
  97. Under Armour Wear Testers – Test out Many Under Armour Wear Products.
  98. US Robotics – Become a product tester for US robotics and get free products to test as well as occasional promotional items.
  99. UserTesting – Lets you test websites for money.
  100. Upspring  – They are looking for moms to join their new insider group, UpSpring Club IMO (In Mom’s Opinion)
  101. View Points – Test and Keep a verity of items. Sign up for ANY of there items and you will be on their email list. There is no web page for them. You have to be on their email list to get offers. To get on their email is list you have to sign up for ANY of their offers.
  102. VIP Voice – You can give feedback on products, test new ideas, and participate in focus groups.
  103. Vocal Poin– Powered by Procter & Gamble. Occasionally offers products to test.
  104. Vogue Insiders – As a member, you will get to voice your opinion about their products
  105. Walmart spark reviewer program – Invitation only. Get a possible invite by leaving lots of reviews on
  106. Wear Test – Testing New Balance shoes.
  107. Weespring parent panel – This is by invite only. Message me and I will send you an invite! Test out baby products and parenting products.
  108. ZTE – Sign up with ZTE to test phones and tablets.

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