7 New Direct Ship Forms!

OMG! I have 7 new direct ship forms for you to fill out. The more you fill out the MORE stuff you will get! SIGN UP FAST! Why? Because the spots fill up fast and you have no idea when it’s filled. Don’t even know where direct ship is? Well let me tell you…And don’t forget I have THE LARGEST list of Direct Ship forms ANYWHERE online. This list has over 391 Direct Shippers on it! [ GO HERE ] to see that insane list.

If you already know what direct ship is then scroll down to the bottom for the forms! What is Direct Ship? Direct Shipment is all the rag in the internet freebie world. The idea is that online sellers have a surplus of inventory. It costs the seller money to let it sit in  warehouses. For overseas sellers it may cost them a TON to have the ware house that holds their inventory a ton to have the warehouse ship the surplus inventory back to them. That’s where you come in! The sellers are looking for people to unload some of there surplus inventory to – FOR TOTALLY FREE!  This person could be you! You can [ GO HERE ] and watch my YouTube video all about for more details about it!

** If you discover a problem with any person or application please leave a comment.
** When / If you start getting freebies in the mail PLEASE SHARE Your Pictures [ HERE ] !
** Sometimes shippers run out of stuff to ship. This happens. You will not get something from everyone on this list.

Words for Warning:

  • I have not done direct shipment myself so I CAN NOT guarantee you will get anything.
  • I CAN NOT verify the legitimacy of any Direct Shipment applications I posts or the people to contact. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • Be cautious about sending your personal information to ANYONE online. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • NEVER. EVER. EVER. Send anyone money, credit card information or passwords! EVER. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • Again – Sign up totally at YOUR OWN RISK.

NEW Direct Ship Forms!

How Does This webpage works? [ CLICK HERE ] to see my blog about ” How Does This Work? ” 

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  1. Please send me sample thank you

  2. I just love this list, thank you so much ☺️

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      KELLY M SUTTERFIELD June 28, 2020 at 3:31 am

      I found my freebie hy grave with your site. I have been doing sample searching for a couple of years using about 10 different sites. But love the idea behind direct ship items. I have been filing out 10 -15 forms a day. Can’t wait to see if I get lucky! Thank you for all your help and hard work. God bless The Freebie Lady!

  3. Love your site.Nothing free yet but I’m going to keep trying and filling out D.S. Thank you so much.

  4. Everytime I click on a free sample it just stays where it is . I can’t get to it.

  5. I love this site! Thank you for your help with finding good freebies!

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