Direct Shipment is all the rage in the internet freebie world. The idea is that online sellers have a surplus of inventory. It costs the seller money to let it sit in  warehouses. For overseas sellers it may cost them a TON to have the ware house that holds their inventory a ton to have the warehouse ship the surplus inventory back to them. That’s where you come in! The sellers are looking for people to unload some of there surplus inventory to – FOR TOTALLY FREE!  This person could be you!

I have seen MANY people get a ton of free stuff with Direct Shipment. You will not order it. You don’t need to leave a review. Someday something may just show up at your doorstep.

** If you discover a problem with any person or application please leave a comment.


** When / If you start getting freebies in the mail PLEASE SHARE Your Pictures [ HERE ] !

** Sometimes shippers run out of stuff to ship. This happens. You will not get something from everyone on this list.

Words for Warning:

  • I CAN NOT guarantee you will get anything.
  • It May take MONTHS and MONTHS before you get anything. BE Patient!
  • I CAN NOT verify the legitimacy of any Direct Shipment applications I posts or the people to contact. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • Be cautious about sending your personal information to ANYONE online. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • NEVER. EVER. EVER. Send anyone money, credit card information or passwords! EVER. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • NEVER Ever pay for anything. This is NOT ” Free After Review ” Items.
  • Again – Sign up totally at YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Also, for even more details on direct ship items { GO HERE } to watch my Youtube video on them .

Added 8/2

Added 6/21 

Added 5/31

Added 5/17 

Added 4/14

Added 3/8 

Added 11/24 

Added 11/17

Added 11/10

Added 11/1 

Added 2/11

This list was complied by me Searching both Facebook and Instagram for Direct shippers. Huge thank you to Frances from Freebie Joy with Lana for there huge list.

Also, Thanks to [ ] and [ Freebies Contests and Reviews ] for adding to this list.

  1. Thank you everyone for sharing your freebies. #Direct Shipping. I wasn’t able to message all but got the ones I was able to.

  2. I believe everyone should do your list for direct shipping,I’ve recieved so many things from brand new men’s fashion,woman’s fashion,kids fashion,to items I never even knew existed! So I know it takes some time to fill them out,and to start being in the loop but it’s like Christmas everyday at my house! Thanks so much for all you do!

  3. I would love to have these samples.

    • I must be doing something wrong bc so far I have received nothing. Is there some advice anyone can give or do I just continue applying and hopefully recieve stuff..

      • Please send me sample

        • When either direct messaging the shipper via Facebook or email, do you receive a message back from them at all? And after directly contacting them, should I still be filing out the forms I see posted on your Facebook page? Thank you for taking your time to find all this information! You totally rock!!!!

        • Yes, contact them directly! Thank you for saying thank you!

        • Thank you love the gifts

      • Hi Patricia, my name is Ingrid nice to meet you well all I can say is keep trying to fill them out as much as you can. Some can come sort of quickly but most of all take some time to come like months after we fill it out.

        Am now receiving my DS that I have been filling out almost the whole year it seems but it has been coming in almost every day for the past 2 to 3 weeks so am really happy about it

        Give it some time and keep trying I think

  4. Hello my name is Kelly and Becky I just wanted to let you know how amazing you are. I can’t thank you enough for showing me the ropes on how to get freebies. Well it’s been a bad year for me and my family. And I know you take donations up. And my home town isn’t doing a toys for tots or Angel tree. I’ve checked every where. And I was gonna see if you would be willing to donate some toys my way. If so, please pm me. If not I totally understand.. Thank you for your time.

  5. Hi there, wow what a nice list!
    So this for Canadians as well? 🙂

  6. Check this website they refund after purchase!!

  7. This is really great! Cant wait to see what comes of it! Ty!

  8. HI Becky! Thank you for the list! I wanted to let you know that the links for 11/17 aren’t working; you can’t click on any of them. 🙂

    • I just barely found out about this I’m already doing it and I can’t wait to start receiving my free samples thank you so much for doing the program like this not many people can afford stuff like this especially when you live month to month thank you so very much in the thank you to the people that sharing this

    • THANK YOU! I will look into it!

  9. Especially at a difficult time like this thank you so very much

  10. I cannot get the links for 6/21 or 5/31 to work a box goes around the category dates. Thank you in advance.

  11. Thank you so much for your free samples

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