Online Shopping Savings Secrets & HACKS!

If you want to really save some serious cash ( I mean who doesn’t! ) then shopping online is the way to do it. BUT only if you know some tricks and tips on how to do it. Here I am going to tell you ALL my tips and tricks to saving BIG bucks when shopping online. Let’s get started!

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#1. Go and check out All the details to the who, what, when , where and WHY you should use I talk about in my latest Youtube video. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Check it out Below! OR [ CLICK HERE ]. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

STACK . Those. Savings!

#2. Don’t just save by using a cashback app! The great thing about shopping online is that you can COMBINE a TON of different savings techniques to get 50% to 90% OFF on almost every purchase. Here’s how:

  • Step 1 ( More like Step 1 a. ) . Identify the items you want. The 1st time you do these steps I recommend you start off with something with a higher prices tag. For instance, I used these steps to get my kids two $200 tablets for Christmas. 
  • Step #1 : Sign Up for Rakuten ( formally Ebates ) HERE. You will get $10.00 cashback on your 1st purchase. If you are already a member either skip this step or sign your husband up! This number changes depending on what promotion they are doing. It was JUST $25.00 CASH BACK. 
  • Step #2 : Sign Up for { HERE } . JoinHoney does 3 things for you to save money…..
    1. It will tell you the LOWEST Price the item has EVER Been. You are going to want to watch the price and buy when it’s LOW. Not when it’s high. 
    2. It will automatically Put in Coupon Codes at check out for you! No searching for Coupon Codes! So, MORE discounts. 
    3. You will get a small % back on your purchase. 
  • Step #3 : Sign up for these SUPER easy gift card earning apps. They are so easy! I use them everyday. I save my points then use these techniques and cash in when the time is right!
    • Fetch Reward! Its app. on your phone . You get points for taking a picture of your receipts and you can link up online stores to get points back from Online stores too! USE my referral Code: U8EWC  TO GET THE $3.00 Gift Cards automatically after you scan 1 receipt! 
    • [ CLICK HERE ] to get SWAGBUCKS. You will get $3.00 In gift Cards just for signing up, and Another $1.00 if you install the ” swagbucks Bar ” . 
    • [ GO HERE ] To sign up for MyPoints. Very similar to SwagBucks. They are both great! Find out which out you like better. 
    • [ GO HERE ] to sign up for InstaGC. Probably one of the easiest places online to earn gift cards! The best part about it is you can cash out at $1.00! 
  • Step #4 : Use A discount Gift Card store to buy a gift card for the store you are buying the item at! I LOVE [ GO HERE ] Because when you use my link you will automatically Get $5.00 OFF ! So,  That’s $5.00 OFF PLUS another % off when you buy the card! 

So, lets recap this process really quick…

  • $10 to $25 Off  ( Cash Back ) from Ebates! 
  • Small % Back from Honey. 
  • Determine the LOWEST Price from Honey. 
  • MORE Discount with Honey Coupon Codes at check out! 
  • Used FREE Gift Cards to pay for Remaining Balance. 
  • If you any amount left over GET even more off with a DISCOUNTED Gift Card. 
  • Get $5.00 Off that already discounted Gift Card From Raise! 
  • Then say = ” OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Becky is a genius. ” 🤣

Next, ALMOST Buy that item!

Yup. That’s right! find an item(s) you want, then add the item to your cart. Then GO all the way to check out. BUT, then, suddenly ” X ” out of everything and close all the computer windows. Wait a few days and ( sometimes ) magically they will send you a special discount because they want you to complete the transaction. Now, this doesn’t always work and it only has the chance of working if you sign up and make an account with that company. However, I’ve had it work a TON of times so I recommend it something to try!

Lastly, check and see if there is an ” Outlet “.

Most major retailers have an ” outlet ” version of their main stores. These are often returned items, over-stocked, older versions or damaged box items. It’s the store’s loss and YOUR gain. I encourage you to always google search a store’s name and then the words ” outlet ” to see if you can find it. Amazon, for example, has a ” Amazon Warehouse ” , ” Amazon Renewed” AND ” Amazon Outlet . ” all with different types of discounts.

Amazon Warehouse– Who cares about a minor ding in the box? At Amazon Warehouse you can save a ton over retail price on anything from garbage bags to Instant Pots. This is the spot Amazon lists returned items from customers, in either like new, open box or pre-owned. Like anything else purchased from Amazon, you’re covered by the A to Z guarantee and have 30 days to return it if there’s a problem. {Go HERE} for Amazon Warehouse bargains.

.Amazon Renewed– You can save a ton of cash on your electronics by buying at Amazon Renewed. Amazon Renewed has dozens of phones, computers and any electronics you can think of. All are inspected and tested to work like new, backed by the Amazon Renewed guarantee, and priced way below retail price. {Go HERE} to shop Amazon Renewed

Amazon Outlet – Even Amazon sometimes gets more stuff than they can sell! When that happens, all the stuff is moved to Amazon Outlet – a TREASURE TROVE of toys, clothes, books and more discounted at least 50% off. Most are eligible for Prime 1-2 day shipping. This is a great place to pick up gifts or redecorate on a budget. {Go HERE} to shop Amazon Outlet

{ GO HERE } to see my article all about my secret hacks to saving on Amazon that I bet you’ve NEVER Heard of!

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