5 Ways to Vacation or Travel FOR FREE!

Hey Squad! As you know I am all about how to get stuff for free – and traveling is no exception. I want all of us to be able to get as much out of life as we can, all for FREE ! So, I thought it was about time I told you how to travel for free ! But I am sure I know what your thinking, this isn’t real…. this can’t be real … There has to be a catch ! Well,  guess what, there isn’t! Here are 3 ways how to travel for FREE !

Also, check out my youtube video [ HERE ] where I go into more detail about How to Travel for free!

#1. Bartering

Yup. First,  is Bartering. This is a real thing and it can definitely be used to travel for free! And,  as I talk about in my youtube video [ HERE ] I was offered a full weeks stay at a resort in Patagonia by using this trick. However, I won’t lie, it does take some elbow grease. So, what you need to do is identify something you are pretty good at – you don’t need to be any expert! Think about it, it can be construction, social media, webpages, art, writing – ALMOST anything!

Just wait till you see these web pages. You can either see what other people are looking for and see if you can fulfill it OR leave a post saying you can do, ” X ” in exchange for a stay at resorts or hotels. You can also be creative and directly contact resorts / hotels in places you want to stay at. Reach out the them and say something along the lines of , ” I am really amazing at [ Fill in the blank ] and I would love to offer my service to you. Instead of paying me for this service have you ever thought about trading services? ” With a little effort you will get someone to say YES and you can travel for FREE! Here are some of my favorite bartering webpages for traveling for FREE:

#2. House Swap 

This is an amazing way to vacation for free, and no you don’t have to live in a million-dollar Pinterest perfect home. Many people just want to experience what it is like to live in another place and explore new places.

There are MANY house-swapping webpages that help you set up the arrangement and make it safe for everyone who wants to participate. Here are some of the webpages I recommend:

#3. Air BNB Give and Get Referrals! 

*** Since I wrote this the referral Credit program has stopped. I am so sorry! ***

Ya, wow! DO NOT pass this up! Right now AirBNB [ GO HERE ] has a ” you give $20 , you Get $20 ” referral Credit going on. Basically, you sign up with an account with and you will get $20 credit ( new users only get the credit ). THEN YOU get your own referral code. When someone uses YOUR Referral code YOU Get $20 credit AND SO DO THEY! It’s a Win. Share your code ANYWHERE with ANYONE. The credits add us so fast.

ALSO, The credit differs by account. I’ve seen where the credit is up to $65 for each referral. OMG!

#4. Mystery Shopping for Free Travel

I bet when you think of mystery shopping you don’t think, ” how to travel for free ! ” instead I am sure you are thinking – well – shopping. However, there are tons of mystery shopping companies that specialize in both hotels, resorts AND cruises! Also, there is a wealth of information on great facebook groups! Therefore, the facebook groups will put you in touch with others who travel for free or for pennies via mystery shopping. These people are a wealth of information! Here are some mystery shopping companies that specialize in all things travel – including entertainment!

#5. Win A Vacation!

I know.. I know .. You’re thinking, ” I never win anything! How am I going to travel for Free this way?!? ” Well let me tell you,  in this day and age winning a vacation is easier than ever! How? Because the internet has made it so easy to find these sweeps and contests and there are SO many of them!

There are TON more contests then ever before ( 10’s of thousands of them! ) . They are easy to find and because there are so many of them not EVERYONE can enter all of them. So, your odds of winning are higher than ever! Therefore, its a numbers game. I promise you that if you enter a few vacation sweeps everyday you WILL win one eventually – I PROMISE ! And therefore, travel for FREE ! So, now that I have your attention am I sure you are asking, ” Where do I find them! ” well let me tell you… look below for my favorite sweep webpages :

Bonus Idea 

I know I said I was only going to talk about 5 ways, there is a bonus way! Have you ever head of couch surfing!? This is basically where you crash at other people’s house as you make your way around in your travels. If you are SERIOUS about traveling for free this is definitely a webpage you should look into! [ CLICK HERE ] to check it out. 

What about money to spend when you are Traveling for free ?

I have done a ton of blog posts about how to get free gift cards and money. Below you will find a bunch of them!

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