Day 1: Covid Kindness #CovidKindness

Your Perception is Your Reality. And right now it’s easy for our perception to be doom and gloom. Sadness & Anxiety. To combat that I am going to a random act of kindness everyday… I hoping it’ll start a trend and inspire others to do the same.  Kindness does not have to be a some  grand gesture . A small note , email or phone call maybe all it takes. Change your Perspective. Change your reality.
Covid Kindness. #CovidKindess Day 1 :
During flu season before Covid the kids & I went to
Chick-fil-A. I threw a few extra of these in my purse just in case I’d need them another time. Of course I didn’t know they’d become America’s most prized possession. Mailmen Are going to be one of those unsung heroes when this is all over with. There work load is going to be heavier , they will get little Praise AND they are at higher risk for catching Covid. Thank you mailman / mail person for all you do! 
Love you all, Remember that Kindness is ALWAYS Free.
The Freebie Lady !
Covid Kindness

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  1. Hand sanitizer is always good to keep around

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