Day 2: Covid Kindness #CovidKindness

Day 3 of homeschooling has proven to be the hardest. Both boys were great listeners & followed their new schedules like angels on Day 1 & Day 2. Today, however, there was a lot of rebelling, ‘NOs’, some crying ( from adults & kids ) and me wanting to exchange my coffee for wine at noon. But , I try and remind myself that the true character of a person really shows at times like these. We are on the verge of a full lock down and economic collapse but we are healthy, happy and safe. Days like this are the days I am going to want to hide rather then help…..

But, rather than hide I helped… I reached out to my neighbors ( all elderly ) and another women I delivered groceries to on Monday. They were all happy & relieved they had someone to help them.

These are our most vulnerable right now. Let’s rally around them.

[ GO Here ] to see all of my Covid Kindness random acts of kindness….

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