72 Ways To Cut Your Spending in Half . { I’ve Done Them ALL }.

If you don’t know already my husband ( Jay ) and I paid off over $30,000 in debt and saved up 6 months of emergency expenses in this past year. I have always been frugal. ALWAYS. Getting stuff for free or nearly free has always been a way of life for me. It blows my friends and family away when I get Kate Spade purses, Hunter boots, $1,000’s of dollars in Christmas presents and the list goes on and on ALL for FREE. ” That’s where the idea of my blog came from! The people in my life would always call me , ” Freebie Lady”. So, why not show everyone else in my life just exactly how I do it?!? Along with getting everything under the sun for FREE I am also great at squeezing everything cent out of… well…. a cent. This list of ___ I use almost everyday and I cut our normal spending by 70% or MORE, and $1,000 and $1,000 of dollars. I know that doing ALL the items on this list might be extreme. To honest if you just pick a handful of them you wouldn’t believe how much it will save you. I’m not kidding! Try it and report back!

  1. This 1st will sound simple but it will change your life. I mean it. I live by this rule on EVERYTHING. Are you ready? Commit To: NEVER Paying Full Price for ANYTHING every again. Start today. I am talking EVERYTHING. Food, vet bills, clothes, medicine – everything. Where there is a will there is a way. Honestly, I never pay full price for anything – Ever. It’s totally possible. Again, this is LIFE changing.
  2. Reuse and re-purpose everything you can. See that jar of pickles or spaghetti sauce that you are about to throw away? They can be cute ” farm house ” drinking glasses or candle holders. Think plastic baggies are trash? You can re-use them multiple times easy! Why are you buying Tupperware ?! When you can keep and re-use take out containers. The list goes on and on!
  3. Don’t shower every dayYou’re body doesn’t need and either does your bank account.
  4. Online Savings! OMG – if you are NOT using the plethora of online savings apps and webpages at your disposable you are CRAZY. Seriously! I have $1,000’s ( NO exaggeration ) using online saving programs. I could do a blog post all about this alone. Here is a list of my favorite ones. You need to sign up for all of these like yesterday. I wait till the end of the year and then cash them in. This helps me have Christmas for free !
    • ☞Fetch Rewards : Search for it on your app. store. Use my code : U8EWC to get $3.00 INSTANTLY . I LOVE Fetch and it now works with online retailers too!
    • ☞ Receipt Hog – Scan your receipts get cash back – Search for it on your app. store .
  5. Eat Expired food.. I know, I know. This sounds gross BUT pasta that is a week over it’s expiration date is fine. If it’s moldy then it’s not fine. BUT some food is ok past it’s expiration or ” best if sold by date! “.
  6. Tell your neighbors who have gardens that you will gladly take anything that is excess. Almost everyone I know that has a back yard garden always grows way more tomatoes, or cucumbers then they can eat. Let people know that you will GLADLY take it off their hands. Hello?! FREE FOOD!
  7. If possible grow your garden! Or just herbs. Everyone can grow herbs! Think of the money you will save.
  8. Save money by using a LAUNDRY MAT. Ok. Ok…. this is only sometimes. However, I calculated the cost of using a local laundry mat vs. using our own washer. It turns out that buying a washer was MORE expensive then using the laundry mat. Again, this includes the cost of the purchase of a washing machine not just the cost of running it. Do the math yourself! I think you will be surprised.
  9. Extreme or more just normal couponing. Couponing can be intimidating. However, the cliff notes version is clip coupons for things you USE and then use them in combination for when that items is on sale. There are a ton of blogs out there that do coupon matching too. So, that makes it so much easier. Now a days you don’t even have to wait for the Sunday paper! You can just { GO HERE } and print out the coupons you want / need whenever you want! Love it.
  10. Always COMBINE & stack savings! Ok – This takes a little practice. However, when you use it your mind will be blown! Stack. Those. Savings! What does this mean ?! If you see an item you want online:
    • Savings #1: Wait for it to be on sale ….
    • Savings #2: THEN use a coupon code for more savings ( use the honey app. or Swagbucks for discount codes ) …
    • Savings #3: Get a % of the purchase back with Ebates / rakuten .
    • Lastly, for the extreme, Savings #4: Purchase with a Discount gift card from a place like Raise.com ( HERE ). Raise.com will give you $5.00 cash back on!
    • Using this technique you will Easily save 50% to 80% on online purchases. I SWEAR!
  11. Meal plan . Meal planning can easily save you a ton. It’s simple and easy to do too! Sometime I plan meals down to each bite.
  12. Don’t wash your clothes every time you wear them… If you clothes are gross – wash them. But, let’s be honest, sometimes they aren’t dirty – so don’t wait them!
  13. Make your own cleaning products! Vinegar is a great cleaning product and it’s CRAZY cheap. PLUS, it’s better for you! { GO HERE } to some awesome and crazy cheap cleaning product recipes . [ If you are concerned about Covid and cleaning be sure to do your own research on what kills Covid and what doesn’t. ]
  14. GET OUT OF DEBT. You are literally throwing money away in interest monthly if you are in DEBT! Do. It. NOW!
  15. Don’t pay for Entertainment – GO the the library! They are a treasure trove of freebies! Free Movies. Free Books. Free activities. Go now ( unless they are closed where you live. ). { GO HERE } to check out my list of ” covid freebies ” . you can also get free movies on Amazon if you are prime member.
  16. Stop BUYING paper towels! and… if you are really extreme STOP BUYING Toilet paper. Stop buying ALL paper products ! They are so wasteful.
  17. STOP BUYING shaving cream! Soap works fine.
  18. Do no spend challenge days or weeks or even months! What does this mean? You set a goal and then say, ” I won’t BUY ANYTHING at All on these days.” Some people designate 1 or 2 days of the week EVERY WEEK that they refuse to buy a single item no matter what! So, maybe on Monday and Tuesday you promise or challenge yourself not to spend a single dime on anything. Want to go extreme? These ” no spend days ” can also include gas in your car and showing!
  19. STOP Spending money on Coffee… { Gasp }. Especially outside of your home coffee maker!
  20. STOP Spending money on bottled waters!
  21. STOP Spending money on Alcohol. Especially outside of your home ! All of these are literally pissing money away. Sorry! ( To be honest I never stopped drinking coffee inside my home ! NO WAY! lol )
  22. Wait 24 to 48 hours before buying something ” big “. You choose what amount of money is ” big ” to you. Is it $35 ? $50 ? $100? I promise this will help you make better choices!
  23. Cut your own hair! Yup. I do it. I also dye my own hair. Saves us SO MUCH MONEY! There are youtube tutorials for it!
  24. Don’t eat out. Ever.
  25. Go Grocery shopping as little as possible. Every time you walk into a store of any kind you increase the chances of you spending money. Therefor, if you limit your grocery shopping to 1 time every 2 weeks OR ONCE a month you will spend less!
  26. Cancel all your subscription. All of them. I bet you have no idea how much you are spending on them! You will be shocked.
  27. When buying clothes buy clothes that are simple, not trending. Stuff that goes with everything. All your pants and all your shirts should match.
  28. Reduce the clutter in your home. Everyday pick one room and go threw all the times. Make 3 piles… Throw away. Sell. Donate. Why? How many times have to lost something. Then went out and bought it. Then found the lost item. Removing the clutter allows you to see what you have, where it goes, and what you DO NOT NEED to spend money on. ALSO, make money on the other stuff.
  29. Want Entertainment for FREE? Start mystery shopping! { Go HERE } to read the article I wrote about how to do it! There is even mystery shopping for amusement parks! Imagine going to amusement parks for FREE!
  30. Always ask for a free upgrade! If there is a fee with the upgrade ask if they will wave the fee. Keep in mind that the answer is always, ” No ” if you don’t ask!
  31. Stock up on items everyday items when they are clearance! Especially on things that don’t go bad ! Especially for items 50% off or more! BUT don’t stock up too much. No one needs 5,000 toothpastes.
  32. Every time you go into a store check out the clearance section! ALWAYS!
  33. Turn down your thermostat. Sorry. I hate this one too.
  34. With that said… Also, get a programmable thermostat. It will pay for itself!
  35. Clean out and replace all the filters in your house and car!
  36. Do your holiday and birthday shopping all year long. ALL year long. News flash… Christmas is not a surprise.
  37. Do online survey sites for extra money but don’t do them all. Pick one or two that you like. Stick with them. Put them on your phone and do them in your spare time! They money really adds up. I use them daily. You are not going to make a ton from them but it will add up. Here are my 3 favorites:
  38. Follow the 10 second rule when you are in a store... How this is works is everything you pick up think , ” Is it on my list? ” if it is NOT on the list think, ” Do I REALLY need this ? ” Wait 10 to 20 second before putting into your cart. I mean really wait that long. Time yourself if you have to!
  39. Do not sign up for Auto Payment. It has been proven time and time again that people who are more organized with their money do not need auto payment. It has also been proven time and time again that companies like auto-payment because they more money from it. Especially banks!
  40. Keep in mind that time is money. If it takes you 5 hours to do something that saves you $5.00 then it is is like making $1.00 an hour!
  41. Always know the cost of things! How else do you know if you getting a good deal or not?!?
  42. Always use the very, very last of things. Chips at the bottom of the bag?! Eat them! Tiny pit of Ketchup left? USE IT! Tiny bit of Shampoo left? Add water.
  43. If you have a gym membership call your health insurance company and see if they have a discount or reimbursement of some kind.
  44. Pay cash for EVERYTHING. It’s has been proven time and time again that there is something physiological that happens in your brain when you pay with cash. It hits the ” pain center ” in your brain in a way that paying with a card doesn’t.
  45. When you buy pre-packaged veggies Weight each bag to see which one weights the most!
  46. Use veggie scraps to make your own veggie broth!
  47. Save toast crush or toast that has gotten hard to make your croutons!
  48. Use wool dryer balls!
  49. Call your insurance, internet and cable companies and simply ask them how you can lower your bill. You will be amazed at how well this works.
  50. Do not buy product insurance. It has been proven time and time again that companies make MONEY off you buying product insurance not the consumer.
  51. Save your rainwater! The things you can do with it are endless and it’s FREE Water!
  52. Buy as much as possible with Discounted Gift Cards. You can do this at place like Raise.com ( HERE ). Raise.com will even give you $5.00 cash back on your 1st purchase. Which is basically like a free $5.00!
  53. Use a clothes line. WAYYY Cheaper than a Dyer.
  54. Plan out your week. Please who are more organized save more money.
  55. Track your spending. Down to the last penny. How many times have you checked your bank account and though, ” where did that money go?!? ”
  56. Shop for things out of season. Need a new winter coat? buy it in the summer.
  57. Have a good ” money mindset “. Those who have good thoughts surrounding money make more of it? Think that ” money is the root of all evil” ? Then why would you attracted it into your life? Money is neither good nor bad. It’s just a tool used to exchange for something.
  58. Create a money mantra for yourself. What my ” money montra ” is ….. ” What you put your energy into grows. ” I tell myself this multiple times a day.
  59. Make money savings and being frugal a life style and part of your everyday life.
  60. Get rich friends! Because you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most.
  61. Look around your house and see what you can sell. THEN SELL IT!
  62. Follow my blog! lol. Here we all about getting stuff for FREE and what a better way to get save money then to get FREE Stuff!
  63. Make double batches of food. Freeze the 2nd bath for easy ( cheap ) meals another night.
  64. Install LED light bulbs!
  65. Always pick up change when you see it! It’s the easiest money you will ” make ” !
  66. Always shop used when possible! Craigslist. Facebook market place. Goodwill. I’m on them everyday! Be sure to check out the free sections too. It’s a treasure trove.
  67. Call your local high school! Many high schools have auto body shops and other programs. They are always looking to do work for free or low cost for practice.
  68. Enter online sweeps with vengeance. I know TONS of people who get tons of free stuff by winning it online. They enter tons of contests daily. If this is something you are interested Sweeties Sweeps is a great place to start { HERE }.
  69. When ever possible share things with others! You can share anything from Netflix accounts to gym memberships. Even baby sitting. There is even something called home trading if you want to do on a trip!
  70. Barter. Know you want something? A vacation? A photographer? Almost anything… And do you have a talent or skill? Never be afraid to ask if a business wants to exchange services!
  71. If you do go to a fast food place grab some extra condiments.
  72. Use dryer sheets? Cut them in half to make them last longer! OR take an old rag and soak it in liquid fabric softener. Then let the rag dry. Use the dry rag as a dryer sheet. It will last forever.
    • ALSO, saved those used dryer sheets to clean with! Not kidding they are great for base boards and other places!

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