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*** Don’t Forget to Text the word : Freebies to 77222 for Text alerts! *** Have you ever thought, ” Hey! I would LOVE to do mystery shopping! ” but you’re just do not know where to start to find information on Mystery Shopping? Or you don’t want to get scammed.  Then, guess what? The Freebie Lady is here again to help! Read this article and watch my video [ HERE ] on mystery shopping. Before you know it you’ll be a pro. at it. I promise you this is EVERYTHING you need to know about mystery shopping! Between this list and my video [ HERE ] you will know EVERYTHING you need to know about ” How to Make Money Mystery Shopping “.

Yes, everyone, mystery shopping is REAL! I’ve done it myself a TON. I use to do mystery shops as easy part time money. Now a days I do them for free meals out here and there. OR I do them for free activities to do with my kids. Mystery shopping is a great way to make extra money! You can even make a full time income doing them. Also, you can do mystery shopping to get free stuff too . The choice is yours! However, you want to mystery shop it’s important to stay safe.

1st off before doing anything, I highly recommend checking out this website:  .  It is FILLED with a ton of helpful information . It’s been around forever and it’s pretty much the most trustworthy mystery shopping resource online.

Next, Sign up for FREE shopper membership access to the MSPA job board. This is another amazing resources. MSPA is basically like they bible of mystery shopping:

I just want to Take a minute to Thank Dawn for this list! Thank you so much Dawn! Don’t want to get scammed doing mystery shopping?!? Ya, none of us do! This list is 100% trustworthy. [ Go HERE ] to check out Dawn! 

Now onto Mystery stopping Companies . Sign up for ALL of these.

  2. – Be sure to say Dawn Hunt refereed you!
  3. Mystery Shopping 101 ( free)
  5. – If you like Phone Mystery Shops click the link below to register. Each shop pays $5.00 and typically takes around 5-10 minutes the form is only 1 page and takes only a few minutes to complete. These shops pay in 7 business days.
  6. –  Mystery shopping data base
  7. ( you may need to copy the address into your browser). Multi-Scheduler Database: A large group of schedulers belong to a group called Recruiters Corner. Any one of the schedulers at Recruiters Corner will be able to find you if you fill out the very quick and easy form.
  8. Go to and click on “Shoppers”, then click the radial button under “Shopper Profile” to “Add/Update Your Profile”. Mystery Shopper/Scheduler Connection: An opportunity for shoppers to “advertise” their availability to multiple mystery shopping companies at no charge. Mystery Shopping companies and schedulers look to Mystery Shop Solutions when they need shoppers in a particular area.
  9. – This is a Mystery Shoppers Training Group: A veteran in the industry, Elaine Moran, offers a comprehensive and affordable book, How to Become a Mystery Shopper and teaches Community Education classes on the subject at many colleges. Check out her website for class schedules and other great information.
  10. – IMSC: The Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition is dedicated to mystery shoppers who love our industry and want to promote goodwill among all parties involved. They provide independent educational conferences and certification classes to help shoppers improve efficiency and profitability of their mystery shopping businesses by networking with other shoppers, schedulers, editors and mystery shopping providers.
  11. – Shadow Shopper: An opportunity for shoppers to “advertise” their availability and post a biography. Hundreds of mystery shopping and scheduling companies look to Shadow Shopper when they need shoppers in a particular area. ShadowShopper offers certification programs and the opportunity to find more work in the mystery shopping industry.
  12. volition.comMystery Shopping Forum.
  13. Alta360 –
  14. AboutFace –
  15. ACE Mystery Shopping –
  16. Amusement Advantage, Inc. = Mystery shopping provider to the amusement and attractions industry. Their clients include amusement, theme and water parks, family entertainment centers, bowling centers, roller and ice skating centers, zoos and wildlife preserves, aquariums, science centers, museums, tourist attractions, arenas/stadiums/convention centers, theaters, laser tag/paintball centers, mini golf courses, golf courses, go-kart tracks, arcades, sight-seeing tours, etc.
  17. Ann Michaels and Associates –
  18. A Customer’s Point of View –
  19. Baird Group has medical telephone shops –
  20. –
  21. Beyond Hello –
  22. BLD Scheduling Service –
  24. Cirrus Marketing Intelligence –
  25. Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc –  CTCSS works with over 50 companies to offer shopping opportunities across the US and Canada.
  26. Confero Inc.–
  27. Consultants for Long Term Care, Inc. –  CLTC’s shops involve calling and visiting a senior housing facility, filling out a detailed online report about the call and visit, and mailing in collateral materials. Payment is $75 and shoppers are reimbursed for their postage. Fill out a shopper agreement at, using the login codes ‘mystery’ and ‘shopper’. Put ‘SQG’ in the Referred By field and choose at least one city from the Available Cities list. Your contact at CLTC is Lisa Spears and she can be reached via email at [email protected]
  28. Customer Experience Experts – .  They specialize in airport shops all over the United States.. They also have banking shops and retail projects. Go to h or click on the link for the “New Shopper Sign Up” at the top of the page at
  29. Consumer Impressions –  Consumer Impressions primarily offers restaurant and food surveys.
  30. Coyle Hospitality Group –  Coyle’s clients range from high-end dining, cruise lines and hotels across the world, to quick service, phone sales and other shops both domestically and internationally..
  31. Here’s another one with phone shops-
  32. Customer Perspectives –
  33. Customer Service Profiles:-  : bank and financial shops, most of which are easy to do and do not require any account or credit check.
  34. Custom Risk Solutions: They specialize in retail shops.
  35. Dawn Hunt, Independent Scheduler: Dawn is an independent scheduler for merchandising, mystery shopping and market research studies. She has ongoing work in the USA and Canada. Sign up at and when she has jobs in your area, you’ll receive an email with the information you’ll need to get started. Dawn also has a You Tube Channel [ HERE ]. Dawn is the one that created this list ! It’s an awesome List!
  36. Ellis Partners in Management Solutions:
  37. Hendrickson Business Advisors:
  38. Frances Massengale, Independent Scheduler: Frances is an independent scheduler for several mystery shopping companies. She has ongoing work in restaurants, convenience stores, bars, thrift shops and more in the USA and Canada. Sign up at and when she has jobs in your area, you’ll receive an email with the information you’ll need to get started.
  39. GfK Mystery Shopping:
  40. Grace Hill –
  41. Integrity Consultants: and click where you see “Become a shopper: Apply Here!”
  42. INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK – Mystery shopping in all parts of the globe, specializing in some of the world’s most well-known brands. Register at to become an evaluator.
  43. Ipsos – Specializes in large retail and postal/shipping shops. Register at
  44. Intellishop –
  45. Jancyn –They’ve been serving the retail, restaurant, automotive, property management, and financial industries in the US and Canada for over 30-years. Apply at
  46. JMRidgway:
  47. Joy Ventures: Merchandising. Go to  and click the careers tab at the top of the page to apply
  48. MaritzCX Mystery Shopping – – MaritzCX is the largest custom research company in the United States and among the top 15 research companies in the world. Become A Shopper. View Introduction to MaritzCX Mystery Shopping Video
  49. MarketWise Consulting Group: Specializes in Financial Institutions and the Dry-Cleaning industry. They offer shops nationwide. Register at and click on the “become a mystery shopper” icon.
  50. Measure Consumer Perspectives:
  51. Mercantile Systems, Inc.–
  52. MsScheduler Shopper Database: We schedule and recruit mystery shoppers for several market research companies. Register at
  53. New Image Marketing: Go to and notify Dawn Hunt at [email protected] when your registration is complete, so that she can find and approve your application quickly.
  54. Site Mystery Shopping: Retail, bar, dining and telephone shops all over the country.
  55. NWLPC: Based in Washington State, NWLPC offers parking audits, retail, sports bars and property management shops across the nation.
  56. Person to Person Quality: Put our name (Sales Quality Group) and email address ([email protected]) in the appropriate place on the registration form so they know how you found out about them.
  57. Primo Solutions: Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the “Click here to apply” link. Complete your application and notify [email protected] so that she can find and approve your application quickly.
  58. QACi: Specializing in restaurant and bar shopping for 28 years. Click on “Want to be a QACi shopper”. A scheduler will contact you when you are approved to access the site.
  59. Quality Scheduling Group LLC: Scheduling Service for multiple clients.
  60. RC Marketing & Promotions: Contact Cheryl (Charlie) DeWitt at [email protected] if you have any questions about work in the Merchandising/Reset and Product Demo arenas after registering.
  61. Reality Based Group: RBG is recruiting reliable evaluators for convenience store, restaurant retail and bank shops, audits and other types of as assignments. Contacts at RBG are Jamie Giles at [email protected], Robin Myers at [email protected] or Tracy Ziemendorf at [email protected].
  62. ReflectionsMS: has been shopping the hospitality industry for 17 years. To join their team of shoppers at and click on become a shopper. This link will take you to the website where you can register. You will need internet access, a digital camera and a PayPal account.
  63. Sales Quality Research Group, Inc. (SQG): SQG specializes in bank and credit union shops. They run projects all over the United States. Scheduler contact is Suzette Drake at [email protected]. Check out their website at or go directly to the shopper application at
  64. Satisfaction Services: ​
  65. Sentry Marketing Group: They specialize in restaurant, retail and hotel/timeshare shops. Go to and click where you see “Become A Shopper”.
  66. Service Savvy: Service Savvy schedules restaurant, fitness and other types of shop.
  67. Service Scouts:  Click on “Become a Scout” and then “Click Here for an Application”.
  68. Service Sense: Contact scheduler, Amy, at [email protected] for any questions about the restaurant shops they have to offer.
  69. Shadow Agency –
  70. Shoppers View: Telephone and on-site shops throughout the United States and Canada. Go to and click where you see “Becoming A Shopper”.
  71. Sinclair Customer Metrics: Clicking “New Mystery Shopper Sign-Up” at the top of the page.
  72. Spies In Disguise: “Become a Spy” and then “Shopper’s Apply Here” (bottom of the page).
  73. Summit Scheduling – Has more than two dozen clients and shops all over the United States. Express your interest in working with them. Provide your city/state/zip so that your inquiry can be directed to the appropriate member of their scheduling team.
  74. New Image Marketing –

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