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Maybe you don’t know my story ….. Back when we had our 1st kiddo we were over $35,000 in debt 😬 and I had recently quit my job to stay with my kiddo full time. This slashed our income in half. I knew somehow I had to find a way to dive deep into the world of frugal living to make up for our income loss and pay off all the debt == OR ELSE WE WERE NOT GOING TO MAKE IT! 

I figured out ways Tricks that made us able to cut our expenses by $30,000 – that was almost more than I was making! AND Pay off the debt in 8 months.

Finding freebies all over the internet and in real life was one ( of many ) ” tricks ” I used to change our money and our lives. I was amazed at JUST how easy it was to do ! And I want to help you get a jump start on your freebie collection by giving you 10 EASY freebies to sign up for. These freebies are the EASIEST to get, and almost never expire.

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