Things I BOUGHT that Saved Me Money 💰.

I am always looking for easy ways to save BIG. I’ve tested a number of different products to see what would work best for myself and my family to save money. It’s true that the smallest changes can make the biggest differences, so I am always searching for quick and easy swaps. Over time, these decisions have really added up. Here are just a few things I recommend that have saved me money:

Reusable Paper Towels

Fact: The average American spends over $200 on paper towels each year. Imagine how much you could save over the years with reusable towels! These are a life-saver – super absorbent and so easy to just throw in the washer. These are made to last far longer than a regular paper towel. Plus, not only is using reusable paper towels good for your finances, it’s eco-friendly and helps reduce waste. There are so any super cute designs at great prices as well. [ Grab the best Priced Reusable Paper Towels HERE ] .

Low Flow Shower Heads 

Cut back on your energy and water bills! Reduce your overall water use with a low flow shower head. You can save hundreds of dollars just by investing in a shower head with a lower flow rate. Many low flow shower heads still have plenty of water pressure with a lower rate of gallons per meter. Totally worth it! Many utility companies give low flow shower heads away. Be sure to check their webpages or ask. If yours does not the then you can [ GO HERE ] To Grab yourself a Low Flow Shower Head.

Reusable Baggie

A single person uses on average over 700 baggies a year. Multiply that by a family of 4 and imagine how much of a difference reusable baggies would make! This means the average family of 4 spends over $150.00 a year in Baggies alone! Wow. Reusable baggies are available in all different sizes – for sandwiches, snacks, even frozen food. They also come in a variety of packs – from 10 to 20 or even more! Plus, these are also eco-friendly.  [ GO HERE ] to grab some Reusable Baggies at an excellent price.

Re-useable Baggies have saved me $150.00+ a year!

Beeswax Food Wrap 

Seal your food naturally and save money on food wraps! No more plastic bags or cling wrap. Beeswax wraps are molded in the warmth of your hands and form a seal over your food as it cools. This is a HUGE money-saver as the wraps can last up to a year! They are super easy to reuse – just wash with mild soap and let it dry. Then it’s ready to use! [ GO HERE ] to grab some Beeswax food wraps!

Distilled White Vinegar

Save big bucks and replace all of your traditional household cleaners with distilled white vinegar. There are so many different ways to use it – as a natural weed killer, a hair shine, even to soften your clothes without needing fabric softener. It’ll even brighten up the color of your clothes! The amount of different ways you can use it is ENDLESS. Add Lemon rinds, Orange Rinds, or lavender essential oils if you want to make it smell better.  [ GO HERE ] to grab some Distilled White Vinegar and inexpensive Essential Oils too!

Wool Dryer Balls

These will cut your laundry drying time in half! And you will no longer need to buy dryer sheets. They’re good for all types of clothes and can decrease wrinkles and static in clothes – something that can even save you time when getting ready. Most are good for 1000+ loads, to cut down your laundry time and save on energy. Just like the distilled white vinegar, you can add fragrance by using essential oils. [ GO HERE ] to grab some Wool Dryer Balls and inexpensive Essential Oils too!

Wool Dryer balls are a no brainer. They will easily pay of it’s self in no time.

Coffee Press that’s A Travel Mug

Save time and money by taking your homemade coffee on the go. These are super easy to use and take with you anywhere. You can make a rich french press coffee in just minutes! The plunger is easy to remove and clean. Super simple!


I am always looking for quick ways to save money. I’ve researched tons of products and found these items are some of my favorites. They’re small changes that can make a BIG difference in your cash. It’s worth it to spend a little on these purchases to save long-term! Be sure to try them out. [ GO HERE ] to see all the items on this list!

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