Secret Shopping Hacks for Amazon Prime Day!

#1. Amazon Assistant – this is a google chrome extension you get on your computer. What it does is compare prices and give you other help on deals ( get it ? assistant ?!? ) . To get the $10 Credit you will need to { GO HERE } and get the extension. Then use the extension 5 times in the next 14 days. I know I use mine more than once a day, so getting the credit should be easy! [ GO HERE ] and grab it!

#2. Amazon Small business – The next way to get your free $10 on Amazon is with Amazon Small business. If you spend more than $10 at participating Amazon small-business vendors, you’ll be emailed a $10 Amazon credit to spend during the Prime Day sale, meaning June 21 and 22.[ GO HERE ] to get more details and more information.

#3. Target & Walmart are trying to get into action on Prime day. Amazon might not actually be the best price. That’s why you in a price comparison tool like popcart. Popcart is a Google Chrome Exention:. Grab it her e–>

#4. Amazon Owns over 100 different companies. Because Prime day is basically a show off Day for Amazon you can bet there will be sales on all the companies that Amazon owns that you didn’t even know amazon owns! Here is the FULL List [ CLICK HERE ]

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