** IT’S HERE ! ** 2023 Challenge Calendar!

2023 is Going to BE YOUR BEST YEAR YET with this 2023 Challenge Calendar.

It is time to SLAYYY Your Money and Change Your life with this 2023 Challenge Calendar.

Each month has a different theme of challenges that will lead you, month by month, to decrease your spending, increase your savings, and pay off debt. And, each month there is a savings challenge!

2023 Challenge Calendar! Nothing else like this ONLINE.

You will enter 2024 with new habits, a better relationship with money, more savings, and debt free ( or on your way to being debt free. )

You will also get free monthly habit trackers to keep you on track and accountable for your goal.

There’s NOTHING like this online anywhere!

2023 is going to be YOUR BEST YEAR Yet! It’s time to take action.

I am so excited for YOU!

Here are the Month Challenges: 

January – Budgeting ( Access to free budgeting sheets and more. ) 
February – Save On Your Electric Bill ( by the end of this month you will know how to cut your electric bill IN HALF! )
March – Cutting Grocery Costs. ( You’ll drastically Cut Your Grocery Bill! )
April – The Onion Method. ( Learn how I was able to drastically cut our expenses with this method. )
May – Free Monthly Activities for the entire family . ( Each day participate in a fun, FREE , Family activity )
June – Summer Energy Savings. ( Cut your summer electrical bill in half with these daily challenges ).
July – Self-Care ( you can’t fill your $ money cup if you are running on empty! ) 
August – Debt-Free Living or Increase savings ( learn step by step/day by day how to pay off your debt. If you don’t have debt you’ll drastically increase your savings here! )
September- Increase Income ( by the end of the month you’ll be making more! )
October- Money Mindset ( learn the power of your money mindset here! ) 
November- Holiday Savings! ( Get ready for the holidays and spend less then you’ve ever spent in the past. )
December – Goal Setting and Achieving. ( learn the secrets to setting and achieving your goals. ) 

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