EVERYONE WILL GET a $14.50 FREE GIFT Card ! { Target, Amazon, Visa }

LADIES! OMG! I LOVE this one! I paid for ALL of Christmas last year with this. I am not even kidding or exaggerating. So All you have to do is [ GO HERE ] to Swagbucks. I am totally obsessed with it – get it on your phone too so you can earn points all the TIME! Get $10 just for signing up. Then Get 50 Points ( $0.50 ) for adding their extension. 100 Points for linking a card ( $1.00 ). 300 Points ( $3.00 ) BONUS after you earn your 1st 300 points. = $14.50 FREE . THENNNN get points for a ton of different things like watching videos, or doing your normal shopping. Seriously – its THE BEST! IF you have any questions ask me!


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  1. will will i start getting this stuff in the mail

  2. How does this work

  3. I love this

  4. Me. I need new gel pens.

  5. It might take a month but once freebies start coming in,it’s all the time.

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