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Most people don’t know what a food formula is, and how they can use it to save money! So, let me tell you what it is….

Have you ever met someone who can make something out of nothing? You look in a fridge and cupboard and see “nothing to eat”. But then that other person looks at some food and makes a 10-course meal?

These talented people have food formulas in their heads naturally! However, we unlucky souls have to follow something written.

So, these are recipes but instead of telling you EXACTLY what to put into a portion of food they tell you how much of what kind of food you need. Here’s a picture of a ” food formula” for you to better understand:

But, of course, you need more than just 1 of these amazing formulas! So, I want to give you 5! Just sign up below!


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But how can these be used to save money you ask?

In 2 ways.

1st It simplifies meals. I recommend that you plan meals by assigning each night of the week to a different food. Maybe: Mondays are Mexican Mondays. Tuesdays are casseroles. Wednesdays – pasta.

2nd it helps you stretch out your food. Just when you think you “HAVE TO GO SHOPPING ” you could actually wait one more day with these!

If you LOVE the idea of food formulas and 5 is just not enough for you I encourage you to grab by Grocery Store Savings kit [ HERE ]. The kit is jam-packed with Food Formulas and more details on my B.O.R.E.S system. You will be guaranteed to save 50% – 70% on your groceries!


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