21 Secrets To Shopping at Home Depot ⭐That ONLY the Employees Know About!

I mean who doesn’t LOVE shopping at Home depot ! ? But what makes shopping at Home Depot even more fun? KNOWING all the secrets to shopping there. Here are 21 Secrets to Shopping at Home Depot that ONLY the employees know about!

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1.    If your plants or tree die you can return them for up to 1 YEAR! This return policy on plants is great. All perennials, trees, and shrubs have a 1 year guarantee. If the plants are ordered online and delivered damaged or dead, you can call Customer Support within 3 days of delivery and get a replacement free of charge. One thing to note – this does not apply to cut flowers or arrangements.

2.       You can BUY 10% Off to 30% Off Home Depot Coupons on Ebay! Combine that with Discounted Gift cards for insane savings. This is an amazing hack that’ll make a huge difference in the cost of your next shopping trip. You can find coupons on Ebay for as little as $5. 

3.       Get Home Depot rebates when you scan your receipts with Ibotta. The shopping app offers immediate cash back upon purchase. Absolutely no wait! Customers enter the purchase total, and retail workers are prompted to scan the app. Users get cash back and can even stack their credit card rewards. And the store is able to eliminate credit card processing fees! { GO HERE } To Get The Ibotta App.

4. They will price match and beat it by 10%!  Home Depot offers a GUARANTEED low price. Just bring an ad, printout, or photo with you for proof of a competitor’s identical, in-stock item. Here are all the stores Home Depot price matches with:

  • Target
  • Lowe’s
  • JCPenney
  • Walmart
  •   Best Buy
  • Staples
  • True Value
  • Macy’s
  • Mom-and-pop stores

5.     Save hundreds with Home Depot Tool Rental. Make sure to SAVE and rent the equipment you need! Tool rental is available for both smaller tools and large equipment. This includes drills and chainsaws, and even trucks and trenchers. They offer various lengths of rentals so you can choose what is best for you and your project. 

6.       Look for yellow sales tags. This is a great way to tell if you are getting the best potential deal on an item. If the sales price ends with .06, then there are six weeks left before that item is priced lower. If the sales price ends with .03, then that item will be moved to clearance or donated to charity in three weeks. Knowing this trick will help you decide when it’s the best time to buy.

7.       Home depot has penny items. Penny items are discounted and were supposed to be removed from the shelves. However, you may still be able to find them and get a TON of savings. It’s important to know that the amount of penny items will vary by store. If the store does have penny items, you can usually find them in the clearance section.

Home Depot Penny Items! They are real!

8.       They accept Lowe’s Coupons. This can be different depending on the specific store, but many Home Depot stores will accept coupons from competitors. 

9.     The best prices for pain are the Memorial Day and Labor Day sales. These holiday weekends offer BIG savings. You can save on bigger items like appliances, patio furniture, lawnmowers, and more. 

10.   You can get FREE kids craft kits on the home depot workshop page once a month. These kits include pre-cut materials for your kids to have fun and create. Many stores are handing these kits out for FREE at the start of every month. Call your local store to see if they have any available. 

11.   Join the Home Depot Garden Club for $5.00 off! The Garden Club is an online community that supports you in building your home garden. It includes a plant directory, how-to videos, and so many gardening tips & tricks. You get a $5 off coupon as soon as you join to use on your next lawn and garden purchase. They may even send you more coupons throughout the year. FREE Money – http://pages.homedepot.com/garden?source_id=1234&irgwc=1&cm_mmc=afl-ir-13418-456723-&clickid=y9Vy-gSwwxyOWRnwUx0Mo38OUkB2yLzhyyX6Q80

12.   All active military and veterans get 10% Off. Home Depot offers a 10% OFF military discount on regularly priced merchandise for in-store purchases. Customers are required to show a valid government-issued military ID. The maximum order size is limited to $500, and the order does include exclusions for items such as installation services, special-purpose appliances, and all gift cards. Home Depot may run additional deals for active military and veterans on select holidays.

13.   The best time to buy Christmas decor, power tools, and appliances is during the Home Depot Black Friday sale and 4th of July sale. You can sometimes get 50% off or more during these sales! Home Depot’s 4th of July sale often extends a few days after the holiday, while the Black Friday sale usually runs through November. Both sales feature exclusive deals on tools, home goods, holiday decor and more. Be sure to check and see if Home Depot is offering any free delivery options during these times. 

14.   They WILL NOT Price match online retailers

15.   They will cut your lumber for free. Research your project and have an associate make the cuts for you. Make sure to know your dimension sizes ahead of time! Also, know what type of plywood you want to get. These things will make the process even easier. 

16.   Earn 30% off on purchases over $1,500 with The Home Depot Pro Xtra Loyalty Program. If you shop at Home Depot often, you need to consider the loyalty program. You’ll get SO MANY great rewards with this. It is so easy to track your spending and get credit for purchases. Rewards include “Tool Rental Perks,” discounts on in-store tool rentals, and “Pro Xtra Dollars,” essentially a digital rewards card. Totally worth it if you are regularly working on projects.

17.   Ask for bulk pricing if you are buying a lot. Home Depot offers bulk pricing on more than 4,000+ items. You can get LOW prices for project materials when you buy in larger amounts!

18.   They’ll repair your broken tools for free if they are under warranty. Home Depot offers a 90-day service warranty on all tool repairs. Also, their website mentions that “for tools under manufacturer warranties, we verify the warranty, complete the repair, and file a claim at no cost to you.” Most repairs take about 2-3 weeks through their services.

19.   If you find a damaged boxed or slightly damaged item ask about a discount – a manager will discount it for you. When you ask for this, you could receive a 10% discount! Just make sure that the item isn’t broken.

20.   If an item goes on sales or price drops within 30 days of you purchasing it they will give you the price difference. This price protection is a great thing to keep in mind. Just bring your receipt back in and Home Depot will refund you the difference.

21.    Every Home Depot employee has the authority to give up to a $50 discount if it’s warranted. If you have enough of a reason (like an issue with your item), you might as well ask for the discount!22.   Every Home Depot department head or supervisor has the ability to discount up to $100 without calling an assistant manager. The assistant managers can take up to $500 off without approval and store managers can discount up to $1,000. Just like the last point, make sure to ask for the discount if you can!

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