15 Dollar Tree Shopping Secrets & Hacks ONLY INSIDERS Know!

I love shopping at Dollar Tree! However, there are secret hacks an tricks that after I found them out I loved it even more. Some helped me save money, while others were just down right interesting.

  1. Don’t buy vitamins at Dollar Tree. Be careful on this one. A Consumer Reports study found that many of the vitamins at the dollar store didn’t have the percentage of nutrients that the bottle claimed. You’re much better off getting these elsewhere, like a pharmacy. 
  1. PAPER GOODS, some cleaning supplies, helium balloons & pregnancy tests ARE THE BEST DEAL IN STORES. You should definitely go for these when shopping at Dollar Tree. They’re usually super cheap and still good quality. Best way to save money is by buying these in stores! Now this is a great Money saving Dollar tree secret that only the insiders know!
  1. The Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer coupons. This is a great way to save even MORE. You can bring in manufacturer coupons and often even get coupons from The Dollar Tree itself on your receipts. You can stack manufacturer coupons with cashback offers, such as from the shopping apps like Ibotta, Check out 51 And Fetch! Download the app for even more savings!!

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    I LOVE this dollar tree savings hack only the insiders know!
  1. Have fun looking for rare Hot Wheel Cars! Hot wheel dealers hunt Dollar Trees because they are known to have rare, and expensive hot wheels there. You never know what you’ll find – and it never hurts to check!
Hot Wheel Hunters Often Go to The Dollar Tree looking for rare hot wheels.
  1. Donald Duck orange juice is their hottest seller. You can even grab the Donald Duck juice in other flavors as well, like fruit punch and pink lemonade.
  1. Their prices are not always the best. Keep this in mind as you shop, and always compare prices when you can. Watch for the size of items! Many times items are smaller & more expensive than other places.

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  1. You can buy in bulk with No membership fees like at Costco or Sam’s Club. Save additional money when you buy in bulk! Some great items to do in larger quantities are party supplies, office supplies, and even dog treats.
  1. Dollar Tree and Dollar General, have more stores combined than the six biggest U.S. retailers — Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Home Depot, CVS and Walgreens — all put together. They are super accessible, and there are probably a few close to you!
  1. The Dollar Tree often carries expensive bread to fill your freezer with. Freeze the loaves and save a TON of money on name-brand bread that would normally be way more expensive.
  1. The items vary by location. You’ll never know exactly what you’ll find at each one. If there are a few close to you, be sure to explore each one for the best deals!
  1. If you’re a business, look into The Dollar Tree’s Direct to Business program. This allows businesses and charitable organizations to pick up items at bulk prices. It’ll help you to keep costs down overall!
  1. They carry pregnancy tests that are just as accurate as any name brand you would find a drug store. The FDA regulates home pregnancy tests, so if the brand is sold in the US, you can feel confident in its accuracy.
  1. They want you to buy more! They know you won’t be in the store very long – studies have shown that the average shopper is there for less than 10 minutes. So they have designed the store to get you to buy the most possible in the 10 minutes. Help yourself save money by knowing what you’re looking for!
  1. Buy the Sunday newspaper at Dollar Tree for $1. This saves you money on the paper AND you can get the coupon inserts. You can then use these coupons on your next trip to the Dollar Tree. 

  1. Be on the lookout for “new” items. You never know what is arriving each week at Dollar Tree. They only get 10 to 15 new items for each truckload of 1,500+ items. Therefore, it’s like a scavenger hunt! The insiders know this and it keeps us all on a look out for the newest fun items.

Now that you know some secrets and hacks to shopping at the dollar tree let me know below which ones you found the most interesting.

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