30 DAY Side Hustle Challenge! 30 Days Of SIDE Hustles.

Over on my instagram stories [ HERE ] we will be talking all about Side Hustles. Each day I will tell you all about a new Side Hustle. Try them ALL and by the end of the month you will know which ones work for you and which ones don’t.

Let’s face it, in this digital work there are SO many ways to make money. However, people don’t take the world up on all the ideas simply because they

#1. Don’t know where start or #2…. I don’t know #2.

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Stop making excuses for yourself. If you hear yourself saying, ” I can’t do that because….. ” Then you are making excuses and you’re no serious about making some side cash. The opportunities are ENDLESS – but all the opportunities in the world mean nothing unless you ACTUALLY GET OFF your butt and try them!

If you are coming here from TikTok Here are the Jobs I referred to in that video:

  • Day 2nd = Become a VA !
  • Day 5th = Do Micro Jobs On Mechanical Turk
  • Day 11 = Customer service Chat Jobs
  • Day 15 = Become a Secret Shopper.
  • Day 18 =  Transcription work! 

Lets Get Started!

  • Day 10 = Deliver items and food… There are so many of these types of places now a days the opportunities are endless. I once had a sweet man who JUST moved to America deliver my groceries. He was driving a beat up car, and barely knew how to speak English. He had a question for me that required him to show me his phone. There were at least 3 of these ” delivery service ” apps on his phone. Which showed told me with a little perseverance anyone can do these and make good side hustle money doing them.
    • Postmates – Food, drinks, groceries, and more available for delivery! Cash-out instantly anytime you want, or get free weekly deposits. Keep 100% of your tips and earnings every time you complete a delivery.
    •  DoorDash – Earn a good base pay + tip. Super easy!
    • Uber Eats – Work whenever you want. No matter how much or how little.
    • Grubhub – With Grubhub, it’s easy to earn competitive pay, keep 100% of your tips and create your own flexible schedule.
  • Day 11 = Become a Customer Service representative ( customer service Chat Jobs ) – This is an amazing job for stay-at moms! The flexibility is great and The pay is ( can be ) great! The question is where do I find these jobs?! Here are a few that I know of….
  • Day 12 = What you probably don’t know about me is that before kids I owned a fairly successful dog walking / pet sitting business ( I did a little training too ). Not to age me but the internet wasn’t as popular ” back then”. In this day and age just putting up a few ads in your neighborhood group will get you a few dogs walking / pet sitting gigs pretty fast! Companies like Rover [ GO HERE ] will also help get you some jobs!
  • Day 13 = Babysitting isn’t just for teens anymore! If you are a stay-at-home mom then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to make some great side cash by offering to watch another momma’s kiddo! Part-time, date nights, or full-time day care or babysitter is so hard to come by these days. May parents will love the idea of you bringing your kiddo ( s ) along with you or they will bring their kids to you. A great place to find jobs like this is Care.com !
    • Also, keep in mind that the babyboomer generation is getting older and need help doing things like going to the store, or everyday things around the house. Many older people are more than willing to pay someone to help them do day-to-day things! My mom for example has someone come over once a week to take her to garage sales, help her wrap presents or do stuff on the computer! Bonus, they usually pay great!
  • Day 14 = An ” oldie ” but a ” Goodie ” – Buy and SELL things online on Ebay, etsy craigslist, and ( my favorite ) Facebook marketplace. You will find that each place online different things sell better. HOWEVER, what you will also find is that you can sell anything!
    • Find stuff at Garage Sales, thrift stores, in your own home!
    • I have found that ” Nostalgic ” items sell great. If you pick it up and think, ” I remember this as a kid! ”
    • Paintings and art. People unknowingly sell and donate VERY Valuable art all the time. Use google Lens to search the artist of the painting.
    • Typewriters of all kinds.
    • Electronics that they don’t make anymore. There are so many items that sell great. It’s just a matter are finding those little niches of things!
  • Day 15 = Become a Secret Shopper. I made a VERY Detailed Blog post and Youtube about this [ HERE ].
  • Day 16 = Amazon FBA – or Amazon Retail Arbitrage. If you love shopping clearance sales or closeout sales this online – work from home job – might be for you! Just buy clearance items or closeout items then re-sell them on Amazon with Amazon’s FBA program. Basically, Amazon takes care of the shipping, and customer service. You just send the items into amazon & get paid for what sells! There are 1000’s of youtube videos about it on Youtube. I, actually, did it for a while and made GREAT money at it. I highly recommend it!
  • Day 17 = Become a proofreader. If you love writing and reading there are plenty of people who need help with their proofreading ( like me! ) and plenty of places to find the work! Here are just a few:
  • Day 18 = Transcription work!  What this is is putting someone’s spoken word into a text. That’s it! If you can translate it into other languages, great but it’s Not needed. Here are some places to find these jobs:
  • Day 19 = Flip Furniture. This is amazing way to make a side income. I see furniture being thrown away all the time. Just imagine you find a piece of furniture for FREE, then sell it for $100, $200 or ever $300 ! Many times an item that’s being thrown away just needs a coat of paint and some cute trendy knobs on it to bring it back to life. Even better there are 1,000’s of tutorials online to help you do it. Seriously, ANYONE can do it.
  • Day 20 = Clean houses. If you like cleaning then you can make AMAZING extra money cleaning houses ! $35, $50+ an hour. Just place some ads on Facebook , care.com, and handy.com ! You will be sure to get some bookings before you know it.
  • Day 21 = Become a house sitter. So many people go out of town and they just need someone to take in the mail, and check on things. Maybe even water some plants. Easy work , great pay! Here are some places to check out if you want to get some house sitting jobs:
  • Day 22 = Become an online Mock Juror. Yes, this is a thing. Basically, you will get paid to be on a fake jury so lawyers get some prices. Here are some webpages for you to check out if this is something that interests you.
  • Day 23 = Help people pack and move. A lot of times people don’t want a FULL moving company. They just want an extra hand or two, and they are willing to pay. You can get jobs a few different ways. One way is to just put up ads on sites like craigslist, facebook and nexdoor. Another way is apply on webpages like the following:
    • https://dolly.com/helpers/ – Join Dolly and use your truck, trailer, van or just your hands to get paid working whenever you choose.
  • Day 24 = Become a freelance writer. This, obviously, is similar to becoming a writer. If you LOVE writing there is PLENTY of work out there for you. Again, just join and looking around the following places. The more places you join the more opportunities you will find:
  • Day 25 = Help with Odd Jobs around the house for people. Like a lot of the ones I already mentioned above people ( Young, old, single & married ) just need help doing small jobs. Myself for example, I have hired people in the past to help hand up curtain rods! Sometimes life just gets crazy and you just need an extra hand. Get creative and post on local webpages that you are willing to work – and YOU WILL GET WORK!
  • Day 26 = Meal Prep and cooking. I CAN NOT TELL YOU what a gold mine this is. Busy moms, single moms, older folks who don’t have the money for a private chef BUT do have extra money but not enough time. A lot of people are looking for a 5-course meal 7 days a week. They just want help to have one more thing taken off their plate ( so to speak ). Be that for them! If you love to cook and help others THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • Day 27 = Become a notary! Part-time notaries make $50 to $100 bucks an hour! It’s an amazing part-time gig! Here’s everything you need to know about becoming a notary: https://www.nationalnotary.org/knowledge-center/about-notaries/how-to-become-a-notary-public
  • Day 28 = Ship stuff for other people who need stuff shipped , PLUS travel with UShip. Basically what Uship does is match people who need big stuff shipped with people who can ship it. Just go here to sign up and learn more: https://www.uship.com/register/
  • Day 29 = Collect Scrap metal. Now, I know what you are thinking…. you are thinking of an old beat-up truck filled to the brim with broken stuff. HOWEVER, that’s not what I am talking about here. Copper and other metals can make a decent amount per-pound. You just need to find it. Think anything with a wire! Many people throw broken things with WIRES in them all the time, you just need to take the time to get the wires out. My brother-in-law pays for his family’s vacations in scrap metal every year!
  • Day 30 = Basic Handyman work and painting! A lot of people need really ” easy ” handyman work. Jobs that are too small for a contractor. For example, switching out a light fixture or repairing a hole in a wall. This work is endless and really needed. You don’t need to be able to re-do a kitchen. HOWEVER, if you can do the basics ( including easy paint jobs ) then you could make a killing at a side job !


Final thoughts.

Over all what I hope you get from this list is that the opportunities to make extra money is endless, especially in this day and age of the internet. The only excuse you have is that you didn’t try. While it’s important to SAVE money, just think about what a difference it would make if you also BROUGHT in some extra money too. It would be like a double whammy!

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