Weekly FREEBIE Round-Up! 75 NEW Freebies THIS WEEK!

Well… well… well.. I am exhausted. This week was the 1st week since MARCH 16th that BOTH kiddos were IN-SCHOOL. Like physically IN-SCHOOL. It tore at my heart strings to see them leave. However, both of them are ( to my surprise and happiness ) loving being at school. The transition back and the hustle and bustle of school life left me a little extra exhausted this week! How about you? How is your week going?

Remember that I DO NOT give out the freebies. So please do not ask me to send you any freebies! 2nd ) Again, I DO NOT GIVE OUT THE FREEBIES. I know I said the same thing twice but I wanted to make sure you were listening. The list goes in order of when they were posted starting form the furthest date away ( 1 week ago ). If you like this freebies list PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment below! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!  Love you all freebie Squad!

  1. 100% FREE Amazon Gift Card { $4.00 ! }
  2. Free Febreze Unstopables Scented Candle!
  3. Totally FREE $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card!
  4. Free Goodie Box By Mail ! { I got mine ! }
  5. RUN! Get $80.00 worth of Beauty Item FOR ONLY $1.00 !
  6. FREE – Easy $50.00 ! You HAVE to see THIS. : )
  7. YES – Easy Hair Care FREE SAMPLE ! Hello Jupiter!
  8. Possible TOTALLY FREE IT foundation !
  9. Totally FREE Don Francisco Coffee Pods!
  10. WHOA! Free Sample By Mail of Skinceuticals Products!
  11. Free Goodie Box By Mail ! { I got mine ! }
  12. Possible TOTALLY FREE Lasko heater!
  13. EASY! Free Dog or Cat Food Samples By Mail! EVERYONE will get it!
  14. Join INBOX Dollars – Get FREE Gift Cards – It’s LEGIT !
  15. Possible FREE Luxury Pet Items From Port-a-Pet!
  16. Possible FREE Face Masks!
  17. EASY! FREE Sample by Mail of Uncle Buds Hemp!
  18. SUPER Easy! Totally FREE Coffee!
  19. Free RBG ‘Vote’ Sticker!
  20. Possible Free Purina Dog or Cat Treats!
  21. Possible Totally Free Cashews!
  22. Free Sample by Mail of Corium 21 Skin Cream!
  23. Free 8×10 Photo Print!
  24. Free MMMints Bubble Mints!
  25. Free Women Belong Sticker!
  26. Free Sample of L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Foundation!
  27. Free Jiffy Mix Recipe Book!
  28. Possible Free Infantino Teethers & Toys!
  29. Free Sample by Mail of StriVectin Retinol Serum!
  30. Possible Free Organic India Baking Products!
  31. 101 Easy Ways to Get Free Gift Cards .
  32. Free Gone Rogue Protein Chips!
  33. Free Sample by Mail of Fussie Cat Food!
  34. Totally Free Kolcraft Baby Products!
  35. Free HRC Equality Sticker
  36. Free Bandages for Children’s Hospital Week!
  37. Free Subscription to Sports Illustrated!
  38. Free Kid’s Activity Pack!
  39. Totally FREE 1-Year Subscription to Outside Magazine ! I Got Mine!
  40. 100% FREE Lace Trim Bikini Panty by MAIL!
  41. SUPER Easy ! Free Sample By Mail of La Roche-Posay products!
  42. Totally FREE By Mail = Bag of Free Chili Mango!
  43. EASY FREEBIE! Free VOTE Stickers!
  44. SUPER Easy FREE Sample By Mail! Free Resonance 396 !
  46. RUN! Quick! FREE SOCKS!
  47. Possible Totally FREE Kolcraft bassinet!
  48. FREE Snickers Bar!
  49. 5 NEW Direct Ship Forms! OMG!
  50. FREE 2 Litter Bottle Of Pepsi Zero!
  51. SUPER EASY – Free 2021 Calendar Poster!
  52. FREE Berkshire Reversible Throw Blanket !
  53. Free 2021 Hope Health Calendar!
  54. Easy! FREE Target { Or Amazon } Gift Card!
  55. FREE Halloween Rice Crispy Treats!
  56. Totally FREE Bag of CANIDAE® Dog Food!
  57. Possible FREE Timberlands !
  58. Free Makeup and Beauty Samples By Mail
  59. RUNN! Free Kinder Egg! I got mine.
  60. Free Goodie Box By Mail ! { I got mine ! }
  61. FREE Mattel Toys!
  62. I’m On Instagram! CHECK ME OUT!!!!
  63. FREE Visa Gift Card ! { To Everyone! }
  64. Free Sample by Mail of Breathe Right Nasal Strips
  65. $10 Free at Lane Bryant!
  66. Free PayPal CASH ( Or Other Gift Cards ! ) !
  67. Free Prevail Incontinence Product Sample Kit!
  68. Totally Free Vaginal Contraceptive Film
  69. 10 Free Promise Cards!
  70. Free Beauty Bag with Free Samples!
  71. FREE 3 Piece Tender Meal at Popeye’s !
  72. Allure Beauty Boxes!
  73. EASY ! Free ” Lucky Knot ” Sticker By Mail!
  74. 405 TOTALLY FREE Stickers By Mail LIST!
  75. Pay For EVERYTHING for Christmas This YEAR! >> FREE

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