Very Important ! PLEASE READ – ASAP .

There is one thing I hear so many times it drive me crazy – like SO C R A Z Y I want scream. Here is it …

” I never get anything… “ OR ” I do all these surveys and I NEVER GET ANYTHING. ” 

If you never get anything then you are DOING IT WRONG and if YOUR ARE doing Survey’s Then you are DOING IT WRONG.

Let me explain in a little more detail. 1st off – I DO NOT send out of the freebies or free samples personally. My blog, this blog, is all about TELLING you about other companies that are giving away freebies. Yes, it is possible that some companies run out of free samples. So they will post a freebie or free sample and then I post it on my blog, but you never get it because the company ran out of the sample. HOWEVER, for the most part, everything I post is REAL. You simply READ Each Post, THEN find on each post where it says, ” CLICK HERE ” . Then CLICK there are fill out your mailing information ( or do what I tell you in the post. ).

A little about ” Surveys” … Sometimes a freebie my want to know the basics about it’s demographic. This is for the company to get to know who wants their products. Also, sometimes I post Freebies and Free Samples that are ” Product Trails ” in which case a company is giving you a freebie or free sample in exchange for your feedback and opinion. In these cases they will need to know if you fit there demographic and will ask your questions about yourself to see if you qualify. HOWEVER, IF you doing endless surveys to get something THEN YOU have click on the wrong place and the SURVEY is fake !

So, to sum up. I NEVER – EVER – EVER Post ” Fake FREEBIES “. If you are doing ENDLESS SURVEY’S you are on a FAKE FREEBIE. If you ” NEVER GET ANYTHING.” = YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. Simply follow my directions in each post.

Here is a video if you need more directions:

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  1. Im glad you braught this up because getting alot of products through your post but its always a chance you may or maynot get anything from these compqnies. So its best to fill out what you better chances.

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