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There was a time when we were $30,000+ in debt.

AND I just quit Job.

And We had a newborn.

Anxiety, fear, and dread began to set in. I realized we were one event away from financial disaster. I also knew that if I continued on this path of struggle, then this would be our path for the rest of our lives.

Change does not happen, unless you change something.

From that moment on I spent hours and hours…. and more hours reading and watching whatever I could about how I was going to fix this ( what seemed at the moment ) a problem so big that it was ” unfixable “.

BUT we did it. We paid off all our debt in 8 months. We saved up an emergency fund. I increased my income. All while being able to stay home with my kiddos.

And From there I VOWED to teach others ( especially women & moms ) the exact steps I took to make it happen.

There are 5.5 ” leaps to success ” ( as I call them ) . And here they are:

  1. Mega Leap #1 : Budgeting – Please don’t glaze over in boredom and fall asleep on me. ” Budgeting ” is just a boring work that simply means you know exactly where your money is coming in from and where it’s going. Once you know exactly what’s going in when, and what’s coming out when you will already feel like you got a raise. I promise!

    BUT, Becky, how do I budget? Easily AND Quickly?
    Don’t worry! I got you! Just [ GO HERE ] and I will send you step by step instructions on my easy budget method complete with a FREE google docs sheet AND Budget Calendars.
  2. Mega Leap #2 : Cut your expenses! – I managed to CUT our Expenses by $30,000 a year. Ya, you read that right. AND I did it by using what I now call the ” Onion Method “. It’s really a simple concept. I first concentrated on items outside of my house ( the 1st layer of my onion). These were things like car insurance, homeowners insurance …. I got really good and cutting expenses there. Then I went on to the next layer AND dove deep on how to cut expenses there. And then deeper, deeper, and deeper.

    Within the onion is things are like cutting your grocery bill, tricks to cutting your electricity, and learning how to get things for free. So many different layers of the onion that I cover here on my blog, but deeper in my e-mails and on my youtube [ HERE ].
  3. Mega Leap #3 : PAY OFF DEBT. Debt was a cement block on my life. At one point I was accepting the fact that I would ” Just be in debt forever. ” The amount of debt seemed so BIG compared to our incomes I saw no way out. But I found a plan. We stuck to it. And we got SUPER intentional. DEBT became our #1 priority in life only because I knew it would pay off later in my life.

    But HOW did we do it? I want to tell you but, in all honestly, I don’t have to room to tell you in 1 Blog post. I mean people have written ENTIRE books on how to pay off debt. I will tell you to find a plan. Stick to a plan. AND GET INTENSE About it. SUPER INTENSE. Make it all you can think about.
  4. Mega Leap #4. Fix or Create a Healthy Money Mindset. What I didn’t know at the time was that our broken money mindset at the time was silently killing our financial life. In my experience, it is the least talked about, BUT THE MOST important thing you can do help yourself.

    Furthermore, I find most people don’t even know if they have ” broken money mindset” or a ” healthy money set . ‘

    To help you figure that out and to better your money mindset I have developed a “ Money Mindset Quiz ” [ HERE ] and a ” FREE Money Mindset Pack ” [ HERE ].
  5. Mega Leap #5. INCREASE your Income. You can only Frugal Your WAY out of some much. Sure cutting out expenses was a HUGE help, but at some point, you will need to increase your income.

    I know whats going through your head…. but… I don’t have enough time. I don’t have to skills. I have kids.

    I cant [ fill in the blank ].
    I don’t [ fill in the blank].
    I’m not [ fill in the blank].

    However, this is the Digital age and if you own a smartphone and a brain then you have enough skills to make a side hustle.

    Also, you have ME! I have created TONS of resources on how to make extra money and create a side hustle. I mean SO MANY. Right now I want to give you a gift – 90% Off my Ultimate Workde From Home Kit.

    To get this code just go [ HERE ].

    You can also go [ HERE ] and see all the resources I have on my Blog.

    Mega Leap #4.5. — You can not do it all, ALL at the Sametime. Where I see a lot of people ” fail” when it comes to changing their lives and their money is they try to do ALL the things ALL at the same time. YOU CAN NOT Pay off debt, CUT EVERYTHING, Work 110 Hours a week AND Learn about investing ALL at the same time.

    You Will BURN OUT … And quickly.

    Take it one step at a time. Get good at that step. Then move on to the next step.

    Realize it took you years to get into this mess. It may have been generations. It’s going to take you a little while to dig you out ( not years but it’s not going to happen overnight. ).

    Remember – you got this! Change only happens if Change Happens.

    Questions? Just ask!


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