Score Up To 100% Cash Back at Amazon! *Freebie Lady Tested!*

If I hadn’t tried it myself, I’m not sure if I’d believe it! But Rebaid is your place to go to get up to 100% back on Amazon, Walmart and many other online stores. Yep, FREEBIES! This is a great place to check for unique gifts as well as household decor, kitchen gadgets and more. So how does this work?

First of all, I know what you might be thinking and NO, you don’t have to leave reviews. All you do is start by browsing on Rebaid and if you see something you want to buy, click the product picture for more details. All offers are limited quantity, so don’t wait, especially the 90-100% cash back ones. In the example shown below, this game is 100% FREE after cash back, it goes live at 10 am EST on 11/4 and there will be 20 available.

All you do next once you find a live offer is click redeem and follow the instructions. You’ll have to grab your order # from Amazon (easily found on the Order Tab of your Amazon account) and put the order # into Rebaid. Within 5 weeks, you get your cash back in the form of a paper check. Once your account is established (that’s 5 weeks or older and 2 redeemed offers) you can opt for direct deposit. Pretty sweet! What are you waiting for? {GO SIGN UP AND SHOP NOW!}

Pending cash back from my first transaction! I got a kids arts & crafts kit for $4 after cash back! 70% off!

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