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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. I DO NOT send out any of the free samples listed in this webpage. I simply tell you about OTHER companies that send them out. PLEASE Follow the directions in each post.

WHOA! If there is one FREEBIE I love it’s FREE makeup ! To get started [ GO HERE ] . This freebie runs from now till July 9th. You will get anywhere from a free Rave Lip Color, all the way to a Rave Lip Color, FREE Encore Mascara, Color Master Lip Palette and a $100 E-Card! [ GO HERE ] to get started on getting your free makeup by mail! How about that?!? After you sign up share YOUR code everywhere. You can even share it here, or on our Facebook Group [ HERE ] !



  1. My passion for best make up

  2. My passion for best make up.

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