Possible FREE Stuff – Direct Shipment Opportunity.

Direct Shipment is all the rag in the internet freebie world. The idea is that online sellers have a surplus of inventory. It costs the seller money to let it sit in  warehouses. For overseas sellers it may cost them a TON to have the ware house that holds their inventory a ton to have the warehouse ship the surplus inventory back to them. That’s where you come in! The sellers are looking for people to unload some of there surplus inventory to – FOR TOTALLY FREE!  This person could be you!

I have seen MANY people get a ton of free stuff with Direct Shipment. You will not order it. You don’t need to leave a review. Someday something may just show up at your doorstep.

I have not done direct shipment myself so I CAN NOT guarantee you will get anything. Nor can I verify the legitimacy of any Direct Shipment applications I posts. Sign up totally at your risk. Here are 3 applications I have found Online. 

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  1. Me. I want to know more.

  2. I’ve not received any direct shipments yet but hopefully soon.

  3. I to have not received any direct shipments yet.

  4. As of late I’ve not received anything.

  5. Said I would give it a try, not expecting anything because you never do

  6. Starbucks card for new Raise accounts didn’t work, it didn’t even offer that upon sign up…blah

  7. Fingers crossed. I would love to direct shopsents.

  8. I have received 4 iPhone charging cables! Too bad I have a Samsung lol

  9. I’ve gotten gloves, a drone, an IPad case, a passport case, blueray headphones, so far…. It just shows letter, no note, nothing , just shows up in your mailbox.

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