NEWEST Direct Ship List !

This is a little bit of a shorter list but EVERYTHING listed below will also be added to the MASTER List of over 50+ Direct Shippers [ GO HERE ] . You can find that list [ HERE ] . Also, do not forget to join our amazing FACEBOOK Group [ HERE! ]. 

Words for Warning:

  • I have not done direct shipment myself so I CAN NOT guarantee you will get anything.
  • I CAN NOT verify the legitimacy of any Direct Shipment applications I posts or the people to contact. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • Be cautious about sending your personal information to ANYONE online. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • NEVER. EVER. EVER. Send anyone money, credit card information or passwords! EVER. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • Again – Sign up totally at YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Find my HUGE Direct Ship List [ HERE ]. 

Applications [ Updated 1.9.2019 ] – Just click on the link and fill out your information.

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  1. would love a new list of direct shipping list

  2. I want to try it all thankyou and give my reply to all the companies thankyou yours sincerely Rachael James.

  3. Hi I would like this one,but I would like to know if it possible for to get these free stuffs since I live in south africa

  4. you have to do it yourself..she lists the products and companies..up to you to fill all forms out

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