NEW! FOUR Free Habit Tracker Charts!

Well, well! 2024 is practically here and we are all setting and making NEW goals and resolutions. A great way to follow through with your NEW goals and resolutions is through habit trackers. Why? Because they provide daily positive, visual feedback on how you are doing. Behavioral scientists have proven over and over again that habit tracker charts WORK!

And, knowing that many of us have being more frugal, saving money AND / OR paying off debt on our list of New Year’s goals I designed and created 3 different habit trackers for YOU for FREE! Just [ GO HERE ] , and I will email them DIRECTLY to your email inbox. It’s that easy!

When you sign up you’ll get these FOUR Habit Trackers: 
 – A Daily / Monthly Habit Tracker. Great for tracking multiple goals/habits. 
 – A Daily / Monthly Habit Tracker, Flower Design. 
31 Day Habit Tracker. 
– 100 Day Habit Tracker. scientists4

How To Use Your Habit Trackers. 

A Daily / Monthly Habit Tracker is great for tracking the success of multiple goals/habits. Simply write the habit( habits ) you are trying to establish in the blank spot all the way to the left of the chart. Each day you do that habit Color in the box that lines up with that day. Print out a new sheet each month! 

The 31 Day Habit Tracker is great for 1 goal/habit! Just color in the flower every day you do the habit you are trying to establish. If you have a few habits you want to form print out out a few of these! 

The 100 Day Habit Tracker! This is one is for those of us that have an extra special habit we are trying to get really set into our every day lives. Just color in each little picture everyday you do the habit! 

 💖 Lastly, I am proud of you. I am proud of you for taking the extra step to make your dreams come true! Dreams start with successful habits! 


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