Meet & Talk With Santa 🎅 Online !

Talk to Santa [ HERE ] online, safely for all in your own home!

I recently visited a Santa with my kids locally and was kind of bummed out when I saw that the Santa was behind plexie glass with a mask on. I don’t know why I was thinking our yearly visit with Santa would some how be normal this year? It only makes since that an over weight, elderly man would want to take extra precautions in a year of a GLOBAL Pandemic ! I was so relived and happy to see that we could talk to Santa from home [ GO HERE ] online . It felt just like face timing him. To be honest by kids had a better time doing this then having an awkward conversation with him through plexy glass!

I think this isn’t my usual post – but it is a super helpful service that made my sweet kiddos smile. So, I am hoping it’s something extra special your kids / grandkids will love too. Again – [ Go here ] check it out and let me know what you think!

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