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At this point I do not know how EVERYONE hasn’t signed up for VIP Voice. It’s seriously SO Stinking EASY and I’ve seen so many people online talk about getting there $25 . All you have to do is Go [ HERE ] and sign up for VIP Voice. New sign ups are saying they are getting $25 just for signing up [ YOU MUST CONFIRM E-mail – I repeat – YOU MUST CONFIRM Your EMAIL! ] I am already a member of VIP voice so I didn’t get this. Leave a comment and let me know if YOU get it! Check out Marissa from our Facebook group [ HERE ] – she got her’s and even sent us the picture. Was to Go Marissa! So STOP messing around and  [ HERE ] and sign up for VIP Voice !

Confused how to this webpage works? [ CLICK HERE ] to see my blog about ” How Does This Work? ” 




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  1. Thank you for my list you send me. I love it some I can get free some I can’t. But more than not. I can’t wait to get your text every time. Love, Donna

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