I lied to you… I’m sorry.

If you got my email yesterday I said ” It would go LIVE ” MONDAY… but… I lied!

So, so, so many of you emailed & sent me messages saying how excited you were that I DECIDED TO GO LIVE 1 DAY Early AND Give EVERYONE AN EXTRA $5.00 off if you buy today.

But what I am I talking about?

I Made a course!  
IT WILL PAY FOR ITS SELF EVEN if you only do the 1st module. 

What will YOU Learn & How Much is it?!? 

( Because we all know that’s what you’re thinking. )

THIS Course Will TEACH YOU HOW to Save $1,000’s a YEAR!
It’ll pay for it’s self 10 fold! 

As many of us know after I had my 1st kiddo:

💓 I quit my job. 
💓 Drowning in $30,000+ of debt
 💓 We could barely make ends meet. ( I spend a lot of days crying .) 

So….. I dove in deep & developed a system that:
 ✔️Cut our expenses by $30,000 ( more than I was making at that time !  ),
✔️we paid off our debt &
✔️saved our emergency fund!   I WANT TO TEACH YOU How I did it.AND HOW YOU CAN TOO! 

FOR ONLY the 1st 50 Sign UPS!

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TODAY ONLY you get another

$5.00 OFF !

There are over $299.99 worth of FREE Printables, Sheets, and more! 

Here’s what’s in the course:

Module 1 = Budgeting ” the easy & effect of way. ” . Even if you Hate it or if you are a pro.
Module 2 = Where I teach you how to cut your expenses. All my secret Tips and Tricks to saving money & cutting expenses. By the end of this module, you’ll be having $100’s – if not $1,000’s a month!
Module 3 = Making Extra Money even if you don’t have time, or a car, or child care.
Module 5 = Pay off Debt. How we paid off $30,000+ in debt in 8 months – even with a loss of income!
Module 4 = Money Mindset. Change your thoughts, create new habits.


BUT = It gets BETTER. 

💖FOR ONLY the 1st 50 Sign UPS! 💖
USE COUPON CODE for 50% OFF :  LetsDoThis 

FOR TODAY ONLY you get another $5.00 OFF

Looks like you got in just in time! 



If you have questions just reply to this email just like you would a friend and I will get back to you! 

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