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There are fewer thing that I love more then FREE GIFT CARDS! Here’s the thing though, it’s really hard to find legit FREE gift cards. I mean just try googling the subject and you will be bombarded with spam after spam and Fraud after fraud. I thought it would be nice to make a list of LEGIT ways to get free gift cards because, after all, we could all use some free money here and there. I will continuously be adding to this list so be sure to bookmark it and come back often! Some of the items are Survey sites – SOME ARE NOT – I will be doing a list all about TRUSTED Survey sites VERY SOON! 

  1. FETCH RewardsFetch is AMAZING and easy. Right now they are offering a $4.00 Gift Card just for signing this up ( This may drop down to $3.00 at any moment ). Simply get the app on your phone in either the google play store on Itunes. When you sign up YOU MUST use the referral code: U8EWC  or you will not get the card. The min. you need to get a $3.00 amazon gift card is 3,000 pts ! It’s seriously as easy as that. I am NOT Kidding! 
  2. SwagBucks – Swagbacks is my favorite ! You get points by fill out surveys, Watching short videos or even searching the web. It’s great to do when you have a few minutes to kill here and there and the points REALLY rack up! Seriously – It’s the best. It’s legit – it’s real and get gift cards from them ALL THE TIME.
  3. Raise – It literally doesn’t get any easier then RAISE. Just sign up with my link ( sorry – you have to use my link to get the offer… ) and you get a $5.00 Gift Card FREE. Raise sells discount gift cards for every store under the sun! So you will have no problem picking out the $5.00 FREE Gift Card that you want.
  4. Shop Tracker – Shop tracker is exactly what it sounds like… It trackers your shopping on your phone for market research. Just by signing up and activating the app you get a $3.00 Master card gift card. It will be the easiest $3.00 you ever make! 
  5.  Ebates – Ebates is pretty awesome and has some sweet perks for NEW Signups. Just use my like [ HERE ] to sign up and you’ll get a FREE $10.00’s . Seriously, I am not kidding… It’s that easy!
  6. Pinecone Research – People LOVE Pinecome Research – I mean like LOVE! It’s similar to Swagbucks but it’s just surveys. You can get an app on your phone and do survey’s whenever you get a free moment. Then cash in for Gift Cards. Simple as that.
  7. Instagc – Very Similar to Swagbucks – Earn points and gift cards for Surveys, watching videos, and searching the web!
  8. Branded – This one is all about survey’s ! These are legit surveys that are actually fun to do! They DO NOT ask you to sign up for anything. Every survey gets you points. After 1,000 points you can cash it in for $10 ! I know that 1,000 points sound like a lot BUT it’s NOT! They often give bonus points for doing a certain number surveys AND a lot of the survey’s earn you a TON of point! I did one today for 500 points. PLUS, you get 150 pts. just for signing up! [ SIGN UP HERE ] !
  9. Capterra Reviews – I just did a review with them and I received the EASIEST $10 I have ever gotten from Survey’s. All you have to do is pick a brand from their list and leave a review for that brand. Once your review is approved they will send a $10 gift card. You can it 10 times for a total of $1,000 ! It is REALLY that easy!

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  1. I just did Raise I clicked on the hyperlink “Raise” and I signed up, but my balance is $0.00.

  2. It would be a blessing if it’s legit fingers crossed

  3. I would

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