How I Get Christmas FREE Every Year.

It’s true! Every year – for the past probably 5 years or so – Christmas has been completely FREE For me and my family. No more wondering where we are going to get the money from or how we are going to do it. I get it , I get it, this is all starting to sound far-fetched, and you are waiting for the “Catch”. There really isn’t any! Here I am going to tell you how I do it year after year, step by step.

The first key to getting Christmas for free is to start as early as possible. Me, for example, I start on December 26th! However, it’s not too late for you to start now.

The next thing I do is work on a bunch of different ” beer money ” apps and webpages to earn some extra cash. Now, I am not going to lie to you. These beer money apps and webpages are not going to pay the rent for you. They are what they sound like – extra money for beer ( or coffee ). They make you a little money each month. BUT added up over the course of a year and WOW!

{ CLICK HERE } and watch my youtube for PROOF of how much I make with my favorite beer money sites.

Here are the ones I like best….

  1. Fetch Rewards! Its app. on your phone . You get points for taking a picture of your receipts and you can link up online stores to get points back from Online stores too! USE my referral Code: U8EWC  TO GET THE $3.00 Gift Cards automatically after you scan 1 receipt! 
  2. [ CLICK HERE ] to get SWAGBUCKS. You will get $3.00 In gift Cards just for signing up, and Another $1.00 if you install the ” swagbucks Bar ” . 
  3. [ GO HERE ] To sign up for MyPoints. Very similar to SwagBucks. They are both great! Find out which out you like better. 
  4. [ GO HERE ] to sign up for InstaGC. Probably one of the easiest places online to earn gift cards! The best part about it is you can cash out at $1.00! 
  5. [ GO HERE ] and see my list of 101 Ways to get free gift cards. In this list I list MORE of my favorite beer money sites.

Grab Discounted Gift Cards.

If you need to grab some items but don’t even enough in free gift cards to cover the cost I always recommend getting a discounted gift card whenever possible.

HEre are some places to get discounted gift cards.

Next Step: Follow the sales!

But how do you do that?!? You can start by following hashtags on Instagram for your favorite stores. Here are some examples: #WalmartClearance #TargetClearance #targetClearanceFinder #TargetClearanceFinds

There are TONS ( 1,000’s probably ) of Facebook groups dedicated just to following sales of specific major retailers. Often these groups know about the sales before anyone else does.

Lastly, holiday clearance is great for getting the best deals. I’ve gotten a TON of gifts at 90% Off Holiday clearance sales. Don’t dismiss holidays like 4th of July or Easter either. I have found GREAT stocking stuffers and other items during these holiday sales!

Always, ALWAYS use a price comparison tool!

If you don’t use a price comparison tool how to do you know if you’re getting a good deal or not?!? Good new is there are a ton of them available for you to use these days!  Popcart  compares the prices of the item you are looking at dozens of other retailers, a mini window pops up and shows you the same item on other retailers’ websites, showing you quickly and easily who has the best price. It is important to note that currently Popcart only works on a desktop or laptop computer, NOT mobile devices.

Last BUT NOT least…
You need a CASHBACK app or webpage!

If you are not using a cashback app of some kind then you are literally just throwing money away. And why would you do that!

  1. Slide APP – The fun thing about Slide is that there are no scanning receipts. You get unlimited 4% Cash Back at over 200+ Brands, There is NO Qualifying. Plus, it works both at physical stores and Online · It’s quick, easy & contactless. It’s REAL Cash! Not Points · No Extra Steps. [ GO HERE ] to get it.
  2. DROP App – Drop is a free app that rewards you for shopping at your favorite brands like Walmart, Starbucks,  Amazon, Target, Trader Joes, and more. It does have ” points ” = 1,000 points equal $1.00. Download the app and Join over 3 million members earning millions in cash rewards! [ GO HERE ] to Snag it!
  3. DOSH App – Dosh gets you automatic cash back at thousands of places when you shop, dine, or book hotels. No coupons or receipt scanning. Simply download the app or find us in your favorite ways to pay. [ GO HERE ] To Get Dosh!
  4. Get Up Side– With GetUpSide 25¢/gallon cashback on gas, up to 45% cashback at restaurants and up to 30% cashback at grocery stores is [ GO HERE ] and sign up for ” Get Upside “. Get Upside is completely FREE to sign up . It’s BY Far my favorite savings app, especially when it comes to gas.
  5. Amazon Shopper Panel – Right now it is INVITE ONLY so watch the email associated with your Amazon account for an invitation. By scanning your receipts from grocery stores and more, you can earn an EASY $10 a month. Ten receipts = $10! {Go HERE} to learn more about Amazon Shopper Panel
  6. BeFrugal – Shop through BeFrugal at any of 5000+ stores and earn Cash Back whenever you make a purchase. We’ll send your earnings via your preferred method: Check, Paypal, Direct Deposit, Venmo, Zelle or Gift Card.
  7. Ebates – Get a FREE $10 when you spend $25 Just for Signing up! Get a FREE $5.00 for referring people! [CLICK HERE! ]  
  8. Top Cash Back – Just as the name says, you’ll get Top Cash Back on a ton of online purchases. Many times this the TOP cash back program around! PLUS, earn $30 ( YES – $30 ) for referring friends! [ GO HERE ]
  9. Join Honey – I mean you CAN NOT LIVE without this browser extension. Trust me. lol! It automatically inserts coupon codes for you saving you tons. PLUS, you earn gift cards just for using it. By far one of my favorite ways to get free gift cards EVER! [ GO HERE }
  10. Ibbotta – Do you shop at the grocery store ever? lol. Of course you do ! Then you need Ibbotta or your basically throwing money away. It’s the easiest way to get free gift cards from stuff you already buy at the store. [ GO HERE ] and sign up!
  11. Receipt Hog – is a smartphone app. Simply scan your receipts and get free gift cards. You can use this WITH Fetch rewards and Receipt pal ( below )!
  12. ReceiptPal – Use ReceiptPal to snap your paper receipts, or connect your email or Amazon account, and you’ll earn points for every receipt. You can redeem your points for gift cards from great retailers. Plus, you’ll be automatically entered into our weekly sweepstakes for cash prizes.

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