Goodwill Shopping Secrets They Don’t What * YOU * To Know !

Here are 10 Secrets to Shopping at Goodwill that only the Employees know about and now you know about. If you are like most people you LOVE shopping at Goodwill. The Thrill of the ” hunt ” of a good deal. The amazing prices. However, there are secrets to getting the best deals and – guess what – I am going to tell YOU all about them!

Before we go into the list I should say every districts Goodwill is a little different – so these are not hard and fast rules!

#1. They DO NOT Treat any of the clothes. They could have bedbugs or mold on them…. or they could be fine. However, some Goodwill do have air fresheners or incents in the back stock room so that old clothes don’t smell old. So.. MAKE sure you wash your clothes when you get home.

#2. You can get DISCOUNTED gift cards to Goodwill at places like Gift Card Granny, Ebay and! They will make already discounted items even MORE Discounted!

#3. You would think that if an item is donated at one store that that is the store that the items are sold at. HOWEVER, this is NOT always true. Items are usually sold at the stores they sell the best at. If furniture is sells better at one store than another then they will send the best furniture to that store. That is why it’s so important to shop at different Goodwill stores! Also, did you know that there are ” Goodwill Botiques ” and ” Goodwill outlets “? At Goodwill outlets they sell items by the POUND! How fun is that!?

#4. Have you ever seen a clothing item priced really high for a Goodwill and wonder if it was really worth it? Check out that clothing at . This is also a very, very valuable place to check out if you are planning to reselling items!

#5. Goodwill pairs with BIG Name retailers for there close out items! These maybe returned items, slight defects or out of season items. Mine pairs with Zara. Whoa. Just ask your manager who / if you stores pair with anyone.

#6. Almost all Goodwill stores will let you return your items for store credit or payment back. This is especially true of electronics. However, keep in mind that you can test electronics in the store!

#7. Many Goodwill will give you give you coupons – and give them often – if you sign up to receive their emails. Other Goodwills even have store apps or store cards. They will often give coupons if you sign up for them. I highly recommend you check out your Goodwills Webpage. Or ask your stores managers. Combine these discount coupons with you discounted gift cards to insane savings.

#8. Buy at Goodwill and selling your finds for a profit is still alive! Here are some hints to items that still sell awesome. Typewriters of any kind, anything nostalgic from your childhood , Band tour t-shirts, Digital clocks , ” boom boxes ” and any other electronics they don’t make anymore. There are ton’s of resources online about buying and re-seller from goodwill. I recommend starting with something you LOVE shopping for and expanding from there. Even check out the painting at Goodwill! Use Google Lens to scan the artists name on your paintings to see if they are famous or not!

#9. What day is best to go shopping at Goodwill? I say Wednesday! Why? Because the most items are donated on Sunday and it gives the stores 2 days to go through the items and get them on the store floor. However, Check out stores a lot to see what days are best!

#10. Keep in mind that Goodwill stores only sell about 60% – 40% of the items that are donated. HOWEVER, most of the stuff donated that is not sellable is donated. ALL Donations are tax deductible so keep those receipts!

Here’s my video all about Goodwill Shopping Secrets They Don’t What * YOU * To Know !

Goodwill Shopping Secrets They Don’t What * YOU * To Know !

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