Giving Back Day 29 thur to Day 36

Wow! I have not been slacking on Giving back BUT I have been Slacking on Posting about it…. So, let’s get caught up all in one post!

Day 29 – Made arrangements for Elmcrest to come on over & take the rest of the TON of toys in our basement! So. Much. Stuff.

Day 30 –Today I reached out to a woman looking for items for a young women she knows who is having a baby and has nothing.

Day 31 – today I went over to one of my favorite Facebook groups call Syracuse helping Syracuse. I gave away some Halo sleep sacks. These actually had some monetary value especially the really thick ones but I thought it would be better if I just gave them away to families in need. Sleep sacks or something that a lot of kids need cuz they won’t keep a blanket on them at night or they help kiddo sleep because they’re so cozy. But the truth is they are expensive! The really thick one cost me around $60! So I hope that I was able to help someone by giving this away.

Day 32 [ Feb. 1st ] – Another day of a dead phone battery! I picked a random car for more candy!

Day 33 [Feb. 2nd ] – I was at Walmart and saw that 3D viewers were on clearance for ONLY $3.oo each. I also found ” My generation ” items on clearance for $1.00 ( not pictured ). What a great gift these would make for kiddos! So bought all the ” My Generation ” gifts ( $1.00 each ) and Five 3D Veiwers to give to Charity!

Day 34 [Feb. 3rd ] – Today I put some surprise candy on a person’s truck. I picked this truck because he is part of a fire department. Thank you for your service person!











Day 35 + 36 [ Feb. 5th ] – Yesterday was George’s 4th Birthday party. It was a BLAST. It was at a fire station and we got to climb on fire trucks. Plus, Darth Vader stopped for! To be honest I was completely wrapped up in ME and George’s party ( it was a lot of work ) that I didn’t even have time to do a give back. So I doubled up today! I know Valentines Day can be an extra expense for many. Many families can’t afford any extra expenses. So I jumped onto the facebook group ” Syracuse Helping Syracuse ” and posted the following post ( see below for image ). Next, I bought a $5.00 Dunkin Gift Card and left it on someone’s Car! Of course my phone died right after I bought the gift card so you’re going to have to just take me word for it!

  1. Aww,The people of Syracuse,NY.Has a Guardian Angel around leaving them stuff.God Bless you for what you’re doing.I believe when you bless others,God will Bless you.

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