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Direct Shipment is all the rag in the internet freebie world. The idea is that online sellers have a surplus of inventory. It costs the seller money to let it sit in  warehouses. For overseas sellers it may cost them a TON to have the ware house that holds their inventory a ton to have the warehouse ship the surplus inventory back to them. That’s where you come in! The sellers are looking for people to unload some of there surplus inventory to – FOR TOTALLY FREE!  This person could be you!

I have seen MANY people get a ton of free stuff with Direct Shipment. You will not order it. You don’t need to leave a review. Someday something may just show up at your doorstep.

** If you discover a problem with any person or application please leave a comment.


** When / If you start getting freebies in the mail PLEASE SHARE Your Pictures!

Words for Warning:

  • I have not done direct shipment myself so I CAN NOT guarantee you will get anything.
  • I CAN NOT verify the legitimacy of any Direct Shipment applications I posts or the people to contact. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • Be cautious about sending your personal information to ANYONE online. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • NEVER. EVER. EVER. Send anyone money, credit card information or passwords! EVER. Sign up totally at your risk.
  • Again – Sign up totally at YOUR OWN RISK.



  • This list was complited by me Searching both Facebook and Instagram for Direct shippers. Huge thank you to Frances from Freebie Joy with Lana for there huge list.

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  1. I am new to this group and I am a mother of 2(11 year old girl) (8year old son.

  2. I would love to get access to this list.

  3. Is this legitimate or a scam? Anyone sign up and receive what they offer/promise?

    • Hey Marsha! I have seen SO MANY People post pictures of what they have received for FREE that I would hard-press to call Direct Ship / mystery gifts / unicorn gifts a scam. However, I would be cautious anytime you are giving out your personal information. Personally, I use an alternative email, and a different phone number. I only put the warning in the posts because, again, you are sending people you don’t know your personal information. If you check out our group : there are A LOT of people in there that have gotten direct ship items and show us all pictures of it!

  4. I have received things from direct ship. My last name is hyphenated sp like smith-jones I order stuff from companies under my full name and give only my smith name to direct ship. Then I also know if it will be a surprise and not just the dog food I ordered the other day. Last week I got a $45 bluetooth waterproof speaker, along with a few other things in one box. I have gotten a forehead/ear thermometer. Some very expensive wifi lightbulbs. Cabinet handles. Lots of different things. I love the surprise of it all!

    • Hey, Sue, any chance you remember which direct shipper you signed up for and got the electronics from? Been wanting to try light-bulbs like those! haha i know the chances are slim though 🙂

  5. This list is amazing. It saved me a ton of research time. My only question is that with the list of names to message what is it exactly that we are supposed to say?

  6. I have signed up for direct shippers from a group I am in and I have rec’d products from them, this is real and I am excited to sign up for more.

  7. hi Rebecca, I came across your list here 🙂 super nice. Do you or anyone in here know by chance if the direct shipers ship overseas to europe too? Would be cool to know. thanks yall

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