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Hey Freebie Squad – It’s Becky, the Freebie Lady. Today I am going to tell you STEP by STEP how YOU can get free xbox gift cards no surveys . In theory this technique can be used to get almost any kind of gift card, not just Free Xbox Gift Cards, but also free Walmart Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and all sorts of other Gift Cards. Some of the techniques I show you ( BUT NOT ALL ) may involve doing short surveys BUT they are 100% Legit sites. I promise you. Plus, you can choose to skip them if you want to do the techniques that requireNO Surveys at all.

Fetch Rewards

The 1st way that I have used to get free xbox gift cards no surveys is via Fetch Rewards. I swear Fetch rewards is like the BEST Kept secret of Cashback rewards anywhere. To get free xbox gift cards with Fetch you 1st do have to get $25 minimum ( 25,000 points ) to cash out. However, if you want you to get a FREE amazon gift card with Fetch you ONLY need $3.00 ( 3,000 points ). To earn $3.00 ( 3,000 points ) with Fetch is CRAZY easy. All you have to do is sign up ( directions are right below this ), then scan any receipt you. Any receipt at all. To get even more points to get your  free xbox gift cards no surveys just scan any and all the receipts you get or find around the house. Before you know it you will have 25,000 points for the cash of $25.00 Free Xbox Gift Cards. I swear to you with all my heart it is really that easy! Here are the directions on how to get the Fetch App and get started, it only takes 5 minutes I SWEAR !

  1.  Get Fetch Rewards On your phone via your app. store ( Google Play or Itunes ) 
  2. 🔥 ENTER Referral Code: U8EWC { YOU MUST DO THIS STEP! }
  3.  You will get a $2.00 Gift Card JUST for getting the app.
  4.  $1.00 for scanning a receipt. 
  5. 🔥 $3.00 GIFT CARD in 5 minutes! EVERYONE GETS IT!
  6. ONLY A $3.00 Minimum to cash out and get a $3.00 Amazon Gift Card. The smallest Xbox gift card is $25.00 


if you have been around my blog for any amount of time then you know that I am a HUGE fan of swagbucks ! Swagbucks is a web page ( and app ) [ sign up here ] and by doing surveys ( you choose which ones you want to do) you get points. You can also get points by signing up for offers, making online purchases like you normally do. If you link your bank cards to Swagbucks you will get points for purchases NOT made online. I get so many points from Swagbucks that I use it pay for Christmas! Christmas is FREE for me every year. [ side note: if you would like to read how I get Christmas for free [ GO HERE ]]. You can then trade ALL your points in for Xbox gift cards. If you like Swagbucks you may also like MyPoints. They are very similar. But, to be honest, I like Swagbucks better.


While there are many discount gift card webpages out there Raise is different in that you get $5.00 free in gift cards just by signing up if you use my link [ HERE ]. After you sign up all you have to do is search for Xbox Gift Cards . Sometimes they will have them as low as $5.00 , meaning it’s 100% Free. However, other times they will have them for a little more and you’ll get $5.00 off. It’s really that easy. Again, just go [ HERE ] and sign up for an account.


Is an AMAZING webpage browsers extension that you NEED to get yesterday. It installs discount codes automatically at check out on 100’s of webpages. Therefor, when and if you are purchasing xbox gift cards you won’t miss any discounts. I have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars with Honey! It’s amazing. You can use Honey in combination with any of the other techniques I have mentioned .  [ GO HERE ] to join Honey!  

 WikiBuy – is very similar to Honey! I use both simultaneously to maximize my savings. [ Go HERE ] to join WikiBuy. 


WOW!  Waldo is revolutionary ! What Waldo does is gets you the cash back when prices drop
— automatically. You do nothing! However, you do have to sign up [ HERE ] and link all your credit card and bank cards ( don’t worry it’s secure ). If the price drops on a purchase you will get the difference automatically! Also, you get $5.00 JUST by signing up [ HERE ]! Then use this FREE cash to go somewhere else and grab yourself a Free Xbox Gift Cards NO Surveys . Seriously – it’s awesome. 

 Rakuten ( Formally Ebates )

Will give you $10 for FREE Once you sign up [ HERE ]. All you have to do is make a $25.00 purchase! So, you can get $25 Xbox Gift Card for ONLY $15.00 ! PLUS, get a percentage back in cash depending on where you buy it from. It’s really a no brainier. Go [ HERE ] to sign up! 

In combination with all these ways you can get free Xbox Gift Cards you can also get them discounted at SO MANY More places. Ebay, gift card granny and even sometimes!

On top of that even more places will give you a % back for using webpages like Ebay, or amazon. For example, Swagbucks, MyPoints, rakuten ( formally ebates ), TopsCashBack will give you a % back on your purchase if you buy from ebay or many other webpages .  The point is even if you don’t get them for free you NEVER should pay full price for Xbox Gift Cards – Ever!

In conclusion combining all the techniques I gave you in this articles you will be able to get free xbox gift cards without doing surveys. You will also be able to get them highly discounted! Everything in this article is 110% Legit and promise you they will ALL Work! Have fun!

Confused how to this webpage works? [ CLICK HERE ] to see my blog about ” How Does This Work? ” 

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  1. Started using fetch rewards and having been scanning receipts left and right. One thing to note for me at least it seems you can not scan receipts that are very old. It seems to be from a 14 day window. Anything later then that for me doesn’t get approved. My question is when I first started it was getting decent points but seems when I scan now I get only roughly 25 points does it start lowering over time how do we increase points by scanning?

    • Hi Felix! I think they may give you more points when you 1st start off to get you hooked. However, They also always have promos. So they might be giving more points for certain stores at certain times. I would email them and ask what you can do to increase your points. In my experience they have GREAT customer service. Also, you can get more for buck if you submit to other receipt scanning apps too. Receipt hog seems to be another good one, although I like fetch best. Hope that helps! Becky

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