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    Kelly Wasielewski August 15, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    Thanks for making it so easy to see and try products for free. It’s hard to stay on budget and I love that you make it easy to watch our pennies!!!

    • Reply
      Tammy Ingle August 19, 2018 at 2:40 pm

      Me me me pleeeaasee

    • Reply
      Rebecca August 16, 2018 at 12:41 pm

      You’re awesome! Thank you for your kind words!

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    GRACIE143 August 16, 2018 at 11:37 am

    I love your YouTube videos. I am new to using YouTube. I cant find the BELL or how to comment on there.. ☹

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    Houda zourkani August 17, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    I just finished seeing some of of your vids on youtube
    I liked what i have see

  4. Reply
    vanessa gonzaes August 19, 2018 at 6:30 am

    Send me freebie

    • Reply
      Rebecca August 19, 2018 at 10:51 am

      Keep in mind WE DO NOT send the free samples. We tell you about companies that are sending them. Please click on each freebie you are interested in and follow the directions on each page.

  5. Reply
    Pedro J Barlucea August 19, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    that all to get free stuff, only you ask for email? where is that contest to win?

  6. Reply
    Jolena August 19, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Thank you!❤

  7. Reply
    Grace E Dyer August 20, 2018 at 4:11 am

    I would love any freebies i get.

  8. Reply
    Amanda Hall August 25, 2018 at 12:03 am

    Your such an amazing person to take the time to do this. I love that you actually take the time to email me and let me know of the freebies being offered keep up the good work. Thanks

  9. Reply
    Mindy Ball August 29, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    I have no idea how you stay on top of all this. BRAVO!! THANK YOU! I LOVE ALL THE INFORMATION! Please send me something
    I’m holding my breath!! BAHAHA

    • Reply
      Rebecca August 30, 2018 at 9:54 am

      Mindy – Thanks for recognizing my hard work. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE DO NOT SEND THE FREE SAMPLES. Please read the directions in the this post to get your free sample.

  10. Reply
    Mindy Ball August 29, 2018 at 3:15 pm

    Please send me some! Thank you

    • Reply
      Rebecca August 30, 2018 at 9:55 am

      Mindy – Thanks for recognizing my hard work. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE DO NOT SEND THE FREE SAMPLES. Please read the directions in the this post to get your free sample.

  11. Reply
    april russo August 30, 2018 at 12:59 am

    thank you

  12. Reply
    yvonne August 30, 2018 at 10:28 pm

    Your awesome have to click on to the Web site to get freebies I understand

  13. Reply
    Liezel Evans September 11, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    Can I have a free samples too?

  14. Reply
    yvonne September 12, 2018 at 11:25 am

    You are truly amazing person god bless you and family

  15. Reply
    Avangelia Breeden September 17, 2018 at 3:10 am

    Hay like this keep it up please

  16. Reply
    Christina September 17, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    So fun! FINALLY a good giveaway/sweeps person. I’m excited!

  17. Reply
    kathy Agate September 18, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    great video, lots of fun

  18. Reply
    PATTY GRESS September 23, 2018 at 2:09 am

    Thank you for all of your videos
    They are great and very helpful.

  19. Reply
    Peggy Swaringim September 26, 2018 at 10:27 am

    Thanks for all your help and all the work you put in to helping all of us receive free items. You ROCK !!!!!!!

  20. Reply
    Mindy Ball September 27, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    I love your shop with me video! Fantastic shopping trip, you encourage me to keep trying! It’s not something you can get overnight. Thank you so much!

  21. Reply
    Tonya Crane October 5, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Thank u for ur help on getn all the freebies! So helpful.

  22. Reply
    Linda Caplinger October 21, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    Thank you for all your hard work to help us.

  23. Reply
    Kyri October 28, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    I’d like to win.

  24. Reply
    Suzanne Triplett December 5, 2018 at 8:13 am

    I love you site and the group. You do an awesome job to get us great deals. Thank you for your hard endless work you do for us

  25. Reply
    Patricia A Alford December 29, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    I Would Love To. Win!

  26. Reply
    Lori Depillo January 8, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Thank you for all the work you do to find us free stuff

  27. Reply
    Sonia Ponciano da Silva January 13, 2019 at 6:30 pm


  28. Reply
    Michelle D VanLoenen January 30, 2019 at 12:21 am

    Me I want to win

  29. Reply
    Suzanne Triplett February 11, 2019 at 11:19 am

    Thank you for all the freebies you post..once you get started they keep coming and i love going to my mail box and have a freebie in there.. thank you again for all your hard work.. your the BEST

  30. Reply
    Sheila February 11, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    Thanks for helping us out your awesome, hope I can start getting freebies in the mail

  31. Reply
    Sarah Bianco February 21, 2019 at 11:03 am

    Hello, this is my first time commenting on a video ever yay! I enjoy watching all your videos and would love to win your freebies! Have a wonderful day!

  32. Reply
    Juanita Moran March 4, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    I would love to receive free samples and I would love to receive notifications when you have free samples available thank you

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