Free FULL Size Box of Cereal ! and A FREE Amazon Gift Card.

LOVE this ! Get a FREE Box of Cereal – PLUS free $4.00 gift card to AMAZON from Fetch Rewards. If you have Not Joined FETCH WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I love Fetch Rewards SO much! It is by far by favorite rewards program out there and I use it weekly.
Here is how it works…..

  1. 🔥==> Get Fetch Rewards On your phone via your app. store ( Google Play or Itunes ) 
  2. 🔥==> ENTER Referral Code: U8EWC { YOU MUST DO THIS STEP! }
  3. 🔥==> You will get a $2.00 Gift Card JUST for getting the app.
  4. 🔥==> $1.00 for scanning ANY receipt. ANY RECEIPT! 
  5. 🔥==> $3.00 GIFT CARD in 5 minutes! EVERYONE GETS IT! They are now doing a BONUS WEEK – so you will get $1.00 Extra! 
  6.  Pick up a box of Chex Peanut butter Cereal, then scan the receipt. You’ll get the cash back from your purchase after you scan your Receipt!
  7. FREE Cereal and a FREE $4.00 Gift Cards in MINUTES!

How Does This webpage works? [ CLICK HERE ] to see my blog about ” How Does This Work? ” 

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  1. Oh yeah love Freebies. Would be a blessing for me to win the two prizes above.

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